Definition of Pre-Closing Tax Return

Pre-Closing Tax Return means a Tax Return related to a Pre-Closing Tax Period.
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Examples of Pre-Closing Tax Return in a sentence

At least twenty (20) days prior to the date on which any such Pre-Closing Tax Return is due (including any extensions) and prior to filing any such tax return, First Merchants shall deliver a copy of such tax return to the Shareholders' Tax Representative for the purposes of making reasonable changes and revisions to such tax return at least three days prior to filing.
Buyer shall be solely liable for any and all late filing fees, interest or penalties incurred as a result of the late filing of any Pre-Closing Tax Return.
The Company shall timely prepare and file all Tax Returns of the Company required to be filed by the Company with respect to a period ending on or before the Closing Date (each such Tax Return, a "Pre-Closing Tax Return").
Parent and Buyer shall cause the Company to execute and timely file any Pre-Closing Tax Return prepared in accordance with this Section 7.2 that will be filed after the Closing Date.
The Shareholders' Representative shall provide EQBK with copies of any such Tax Returns at least fifteen (15) Business Days prior to the due date for such Pre-Closing Tax Returns and shall allow EQBK to review, comment upon and reasonably approve without undue delay any Pre-Closing Tax Return prepared pursuant to the first sentence of this Section 5.18(a).