Definition of Post-Closing Adjustment Amount

Post-Closing Adjustment Amount means the amount (which may be a positive or negative number) obtained by the following formula: (i) the Initial Consideration minus (ii) the Final Consideration.

Examples of Post-Closing Adjustment Amount in a sentence

If ETP disagrees with the calculation of the Post-Closing Adjustment Amount, it shall notify CCE of such disagreement in writing within thirty (30) days after its receipt of the last item to be received by ETP pursuant to the first sentence of Section 2.4(a), which notice shall set forth in detail the particulars of such disagreement.
In the event any such notice of disagreement is timely provided by ETP, then ETP and CCE shall use their commercially reasonable efforts for a period of thirty (30) days (or such longer period as they may mutually agree) to resolve any disagreements with respect to the calculation of the Post-Closing Adjustment Amount (or any element thereof).
In the event that ETP does not provide such a notice of disagreement within such thirty (30) day period, ETP shall be deemed to have accepted the Closing Balance Sheet and the calculation of the Post-Closing Adjustment Amount (and each element of such calculation) delivered by CCE, which shall be final, binding and conclusive for all purposes hereunder.
Each party shall bear its own expenses and the fees and expenses of its own representatives and experts in connection with the preparation, review, dispute (if any) and final determination of the Closing Balance Sheet and the Post-Closing Adjustment Amount.
The Accounting Firm shall be instructed to render a determination of the applicable dispute and specify the resulting Post-Closing Adjustment Amount within 30 days after referral of the matter to the Accounting Firm, which determination must be in writing and must set forth, in reasonable detail, the basis therefor.