Definition of Power Plant Site

Power Plant Site means the real property located in Luna County, New Mexico, approximately two miles northwest of Deming, New Mexico, as further described in Part 1.1(e) of the Schedules.
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Examples of Power Plant Site in a sentence

Within this Notice of Intent (NOI) the terms "SDPP site," "Site" and "Site Boundary" are used to refer to an area of approximately 130 acres which includes the "South Dunes Power Plant Site." The term "South Dunes Power Plant Site" (Site) refers to approximately 130 acres of property which JCEP intends to own and control in mid-2012 which will include the generating equipment and gas conditioning equipment.
Further, the Power Plant Site Certification for the FPL Turkey Point Plant Units 3 and 4 Nuclear Power Plant and Unit 5 Combined Cycle Plant # PA 03-45, issued under the Power Plant Siting Act, Chapter 403, Florida Statutes, does not limit, alleviate, or modify the rights and obligations of the Parties under Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, or this Agreement.