Definition of Power Curve Test

Power Curve Test or "PCT" means the tests conducted pursuant to the Power Curve Test Procedures attached as Exhibit H to the Supply Agreement.
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Examples of Power Curve Test in a sentence

Not later than twenty-one (21) days following the completion of the third Power Curve Test, Owner shall notify Seller in writing whether the Wind Turbines have passed or failed to pass the Power Curve Test.
Subject to Section 11.3.2, Seller guarantees that if the Reference Turbines are installed in accordance with the Turbine Installation and Erection Manual, and operated in accordance with the Operation Manual, the Reference Turbines will achieve the Power Curve Threshold when tested under the Site Conditions during the Power Curve Test (the "Power Curve Threshold Guaranty").
If the nominated Wind Turbine passes the second or third Power Curve Test, Seller shall perform the same repair to all other Wind Turbines having the same defect, but no further testing of the Wind Turbines shall be required.
If the Turbines fail any such second Power Curve Test, then for up to ninety (90) days after Owner notifies Seller of such failure, Seller shall have the right to cause repairs or replacements to be made to the Turbine Equipment designed to cause the Turbines to pass the Power Curve Test, at Seller's expense.
Upon completion of such adjustments, repairs and replacements, then Seller shall cause the Independent Engineer or other qualified engineer who had administered the initial Power Curve Test to perform a subsequent Power Curve Test of the Reference Turbines so adjusted, repaired or replaced to demonstrate that the Power Curve Test has been passed; such subsequent Power Curve Test shall be performed at Seller's own cost and expense.