Definition of Post-Distribution Parent Member

Post-Distribution Parent Member means any corporation that is a member of the Post-Distribution Parent Group.
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Examples of Post-Distribution Parent Member in a sentence

Subsidiary (or Parent, as the case may be) shall notify Parent (or Subsidiary) of any Taxes paid by the Subsidiary Group or any Subsidiary Member (or the Post-Distribution Parent Group or any Post-Distribution Parent Member) that are subject to indemnification under this Section 10.13; provided, however, that no Tax Liability of $10,000 or less in the aggregate shall in any event be indemnified hereunder.
Upon the receipt by Parent or any Post-Distribution Parent Member (or Subsidiary or any Subsidiary Member, as the case may be) of notice of any pending or threatened Tax audit, contest or assessment that could reasonably be expected to affect any Liability for Taxes subject to indemnification hereunder, Parent (or Subsidiary) shall promptly notify Subsidiary (or Parent) in writing of the receipt of such notice.