Definition of Post-Distribution Period

Post-Distribution Period means any taxable period (or portion thereof) beginning after the Distribution Date.
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Examples of Post-Distribution Period in a sentence

Spinco shall be allocated all Taxes that are attributable to members of the Spinco Group for the Post-Distribution Period and reported on, or required to be reported on, a Combined Return.
Except as otherwise provided in this Section 9.02, RMT Parent shall have the right to control any Tax Contest with respect to any member of the SpinCo Group to the extent related solely to any Post-Distribution Period.
If a Tax Item allocable to Splitco is carried back from a Tax Year beginning in the Post-Distribution Period and generates a Tax Benefit on a Combined Return filed with respect to a Tax Year beginning in the Pre-Distribution Period, then, upon the request of Splitco, Distributing may, in its reasonable discretion, file a claim for refund arising from such Tax Benefit.
The amount of any refunds, credits or offsets of Ordinary Course Taxes relating to (i) the Holdings Group (other than foreign Holdings Affiliates), the Holdings Group Assets or the Holdings Business for a Pre-Distribution Period shall be for the account of JDSU, (ii) the Holdings Group, the Holdings Group Assets or the Holdings Business for a Post-Distribution Period shall be for the account of Holdings, and (iii) the JDSU Group, the JDSU Group Assets or the JDSU Business shall for the account of JDSU.
Each party agrees to notify the other party in writing of any audit adjustments which do not result in Tax liability but can be reasonably expected to affect Tax Returns of the other party, or any of its Subsidiaries, for a Post-Distribution Period.