POST-2004 EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTION CREDIT ACCOUNT means the separate account established and maintained under the Plan in the name of each Participant under which there shall be established and maintained the following two (2) sub-accounts: (a) the Post- 2004 Employer Make-Whole Contribution Sub-Account; and (b) the Post-2004 Employer Discretionary Contribution Sub-Account. Each such Sub-Account shall be credited or debited, as applicable and to the extent not inconsistent with Section 409A, with (a) amounts equal to the Employer's Contribution Credits deferred under that Sub-Account after December 31, 2004; and (b) amounts equal to any deemed earnings and losses (to the extent realized, based upon deemed fair market value of the Sub-Account's deemed assets as determined by the Sponsor, in its discretion) allocated to that Sub-Account. Notwithstanding the preceding, to the extent required under Section 409A, Employer Contribution Credits shall be deemed to be deferred under a Sub-Account after December 31, 2004 to the extent such Employer Contribution Credits are not earned and vested prior to January 1, 2005.
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