Earnings and Losses Sample Clauses

Earnings and Losses. On each Business Day, BOSTON FINANCIAL shall allocate earnings and losses as reported to BOSTON FINANCIAL for each Fund that is an Investment Option in a Participant’s Account.
Earnings and Losses. The amount credited to your Account will be adjusted for earnings and losses. The earnings and losses will be determined based upon the hypothetical investment of your Account balance as directed by you (or, in the event of your death, your beneficiary) among the investment options you (or your beneficiary, as applicable) choose and consented to by the Company; provided that such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld by the Company. You may change your investment elections as desired in advance in the form and manner prescribed by the Company. The Company is not required to actually invest in the investment options you choose, but those permissible investment options will be used to credit earnings and losses to your account. The Company may arrange for a third-party administrator to track the earnings and losses in your account, provide a mechanism for you to change your elections and provide you with periodic reports. The amount of any taxes and out-of-pocket expenses, costs and fees, if any, incurred by the Company due to the deemed or actual investment of your Account will be borne solely by your Account and will be deducted from the amount owed to you by the Company under this Agreement.
Earnings and Losses. On each Business Day, Boston Financial shall allocate earnings and losses as reported to Boston Financial for each investment option to each Participant's Account.
Earnings and Losses. (a) Beginning as of the date of this Agreement and ending on the date payments are made pursuant to this Agreement, the present value amount described in Paragraph 1 shall be credited with earnings, and charged with losses, at the same time and in the same manner as if the present value amount had been credited to and invested in the Annuity Contract on behalf of Employee. Pursuant to procedures adopted by the Compensation Committee of Employer's Board of Directors ("Committee"), or the Committee's designee, Employee may (i) direct the hypothetical investment of the present value amount by designating the investment account(s) under the Annuity Contract among which the present value amount shall be allocated as of the date of this Agreement, and (ii) change the allocation of amounts previously credited; provided, however, that Employee may not make investment/allocation changes more than four times in any calendar year and no investment direction shall be binding upon Employer.
Earnings and Losses. Investment earnings and other income from investment of the Escrow Property (net of transaction costs) shall be deposited in the Escrow Account and shall become part of the Escrow Fund (and may be reinvested pursuant to the terms of Section 3(b)(i) above); and all losses incurred on any investment shall be debited to the Escrow Account. In no event shall the Escrow Agent have any liability under this Agreement for investment losses incurred on any investment or reinvestment. The parties hereto agree that, for tax reporting purposes, all interest or other income earned from the investment of the Escrow Property shall be allocable to the Company Stockholders in the percentages set forth opposite their respective names on Attachment A, hereto.
Earnings and Losses. On each day the New York Stock Exchange is open for business ("Business Day") or at such other frequency as may be agreed between T. Rowe Price and Client, T. Rowe Price shall allocate earnings and losses as reported to T. 140 Rowe Price for each Investment Option to each Participant's Account or Accounts based on such Account's investment in the Investment Option.
Earnings and Losses. On and after Participant attains age 62 and prior to his Termination of Service, the Actuarial Equivalent lump sum value of Participant’s Normal Retirement Benefit calculated as if his Termination of Service occurred on his Normal Retirement Date (and as adjusted pursuant to this Article V) shall be deemed to receive all interest, dividends, earnings and other profits, and to have incurred all losses, expenses and other charges, which would have been received or incurred if such Actuarial Equivalent lump sum value (and as adjusted pursuant to this Article V) had been invested in such Permitted Investments. Nevertheless, the Company need not actually make any such Permitted Investments, which shall represent investment benchmarks only. If the Company from time to time should make any investments similar to Permitted Investments, such investments shall be solely for the Company’s own account, and neither Participant nor his Beneficiaries shall have any right, title or interest therein. Participant and his Beneficiaries are unsecured creditors of the Company with respect to any amounts to be distributed under this Plan.
Earnings and Losses. The Participant's Deferred Compensation and the Participant's Company Contribution Accounts shall be adjusted for earnings and losses as follows:

Related to Earnings and Losses

Net Losses After giving effect to the special allocations set forth in Section 6.1(d), Net Losses for each taxable period and all items of income, gain, loss and deduction taken into account in computing Net Losses for such taxable period shall be allocated as follows:
Net Loss After giving effect to the special allocations set forth in Section 6.1(d), Net Loss for each taxable period and all items of income, gain, loss and deduction taken into account in computing Net Loss for such taxable period shall be allocated as follows:
Allocation of Profits and Losses The Company’s profits and losses shall be allocated to the Member.
Allocation of Profit and Loss Article V, Section 5.01 of the Partnership Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following new Section 5.01 is inserted in its place:
Allocation of Profits and Losses Distributions (a) Each JV Party will share in the Joint Venture’s profits and losses in accordance with its Percentage Interest and the terms of this JV Agreement.
Profits and Losses The Company’s profits and losses for any period shall be allocated to the Member.
Allocations of Profits and Losses Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Profits and Losses (and, to the extent necessary, individual items of income, gain or loss or deduction of the Partnership) shall be allocated in a manner such that the Capital Account of each Partner after giving effect to the Special Allocations set forth in Section 5.05 is, as nearly as possible, equal (proportionately) to (i) the distributions that would be made pursuant to Article IV if the Partnership were dissolved, its affairs wound up and its assets sold for cash equal to their Carrying Value, all Partnership liabilities were satisfied (limited with respect to each non-recourse liability to the Carrying Value of the assets securing such liability) and the net assets of the Partnership were distributed to the Partners pursuant to this Agreement, minus (ii) such Partner’s share of Partnership Minimum Gain and Partner Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain, computed immediately prior to the hypothetical sale of assets. For purposes of this Article V, each Unvested Unit shall be treated as a Vested Unit. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the General Partner shall make such adjustments to Capital Accounts as it determines in its sole discretion to be appropriate to ensure allocations are made in accordance with a partner’s interest in the Partnership.
Profits and Losses Distributions Until the admission of additional Members, the Original Member shall be entitled to all allocations of LLC profits and losses and to allocations of distributions.
Allocations of Income and Loss For each taxable year, (i) each holder of Preferred Units will be allocated net income of the Partnership in an amount equal to the distributions made on such holder’s Preferred Units during such taxable year, and (ii) each holder of Preferred Units will be allocated its pro rata share, based on the portion of outstanding Preferred Units held by it, of any net loss of the Partnership that is not allocated to holders of Partnership Common Units or other interests in the Partnership. Upon liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Partnership, the holders of Preferred Units will be allocated income and gain sufficient to enable them to realize the Liquidation Preference in full.
Apportionment of Earnings and Profits and Tax Attributes As soon as reasonably practicable following the Distribution Date, B/E shall notify KLX in writing of the portion, if any, of any earnings and profits, overall foreign loss or other Tax Attribute from Pre-Distribution Periods, including consolidated, combined or unitary Tax Attributes, which B/E determines shall be allocated or apportioned to the KLX Group under applicable Tax Law. B/E shall provide reasonable timely updates to KLX of the allocation of Tax Attributes as B/E finalizes Tax Returns for the B/E Group and as adjustments, if any, are subsequently made to such Tax Returns. KLX and all members of the KLX Group shall prepare all Tax Returns in accordance with such written notice. In the event that any temporary or final amendments to Treasury Regulations are promulgated after the date of this Agreement that provide for any election to apply such regulations retroactively, then any such election shall be made only to the extent that B/E and KLX mutually agree to make such election. As soon as practicable after receipt of a written request from KLX, B/E shall provide copies of any studies, reports, and workpapers supporting the earnings and profits and other Tax Attributes allocable to KLX. Any dispute regarding the apportionment of such earnings and profits or any Tax Attribute shall be resolved pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of this Agreement. All Tax Returns prepared by the B/E Group and the KLX Group shall be consistent with any allocation or apportionment as determined pursuant to this Section 4.6.