Definition of Pool Properties

Pool Properties means Secured Pool Properties or Unencumbered Pool Properties, as the context may require.
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Examples of Pool Properties in a sentence

None of the Unencumbered Pool Properties is subject to any Lien other than Permitted Liens.
The Borrower and/or the General Partner, directly or indirectly, owns fee simple title to or a ground leasehold interest in each of the Unencumbered Asset Pool Properties.
Each of the operating statements pertaining to each of the Unencumbered Pool Properties delivered by the Borrower to the Agent in accordance with Section 9.4.(k) fairly presents the Net Operating Income of such Unencumbered Pool Property for the period then ended.
The Borrower shall not permit the weighted average aggregate Occupancy Rate of all Operating Properties that are Unencumbered Pool Properties to be less than 90% at any time.
Schedule 4.1. is, as of the Agreement Date, a complete and correct listing of all Unencumbered Pool Properties owned or leased by the Loan Parties and the other Subsidiaries, setting forth, for each such Property, the current occupancy status of such Property and whether such Property is a Qualified Development Property, Newly Acquired Property, Recently Completed Property or Operating Property.