Definition of Pool Agreement

Pool Agreement means the accession agreement no. 33 for the pool employment of the Vessel in the Tankers International Pool dated 23 February 2011 made between the Borrower and the Pool Manager together with the Rules of the Tankers International Pool attached thereto.

Examples of Pool Agreement in a sentence

Accordingly, the Beneficial Owner shall comply with any obligations imposed on Members with respect to Capital Accounts or allocations of taxable income or expense in the Investing Pool Agreement as if such obligations were imposed on the Beneficial Owner.
Borrowings from the Regulated Money Pool bear interest in accordance with the terms of the Regulated Money Pool Agreement.
NEPOOL Agreement means the Second Restated New England Power Pool Agreement dated as of February 1, 2005, as amended or accepted by the Commission and as may be amended, modified, superseded, supplemented and/or restated from time to time.
Without limiting the foregoing, the Sponsor shall have the authority to execute and deliver the Investing Pool Agreement and the Distribution Agreement on behalf of the Trust and the Trust is authorized and shall have the power and authority to enter into such agreements and perform its obligations thereunder.
The New England Power Pool Agreement, as amended, has been designated NEPOOL FPC No. 2.