Definition of Pool Agreement

  1. Pool Agreement means any pool agreement to which a Borrower may be a participant.

Examples of Pool Agreement in a sentence

  1. (b) The Trust shall not engage in any business or activities other than entering into the Investing Pool Agreement and holding Investing Pool Interests or activities incidental and necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities with respect thereto and as set forth in, or contemplated by, this Agreement.
  2. Ameren Money Pool Agreement shall mean that certain Ameren Corporation System Amended and Restated Non-Regulated Subsidiary Money Pool Agreement, dated as of January 19, 2012, by and among Seller, Ameren Services Company, Ameren Development Company, QST Enterprises Inc., Energy Risk Assurance Company, Missouri Energy Risk Assurance Company, LLC, AER, Ameren Energy Marketing Company, Genco, Ameren Energy Fuels and Services Company, AERG, Medina Valley and Coffeen and Western Railroad Company.