Homeowner definition

Homeowner means the owner(s) of the real property for which project is taking place and is a party to the contract.
Homeowner means any owner of a completed Unit constructed and sold within CFD No. 2005-1.
Homeowner s credit" means a credit against a claimant's property tax liability.

Examples of Homeowner in a sentence

  • Compass Affordable Housing and the City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department will meet annually for three years with the Armory Park and Barrio Viejo Neighborhood Associations and instruct on how to apply for the City’s Homeowner Rehab Program and other available City funding opportunities for their historic properties.

  • The installer/transporter must obtain a completed Affidavit of Homeowner Statement, signed and notarized, from the homeowner confirming that the Factory-Built home will not be used for human habitation.

  • If the Homeowner cancels the reservation within 8 business days of the scheduled use, the security deposit will be returned and the rental will be refunded.

  • County: Washington Occupancy/Operations: Habitational Condominiums or Homeowners Association - Lessor Risk Interest of Named Insured In Such Premises: Condominium or Homeowner Associations Coverage Deductible Amount of Insurance Property Protection 1.

  • The newly created Resilient Multifamily Housing Program and the Ivy Hill Storm Water Mitigation Program are fully described, and the modifications to the Smart Move Program and the Homeowner Assistance and Recovery Program (HARP) are detailed.

More Definitions of Homeowner

Homeowner means a person who holds title to real property, in fee simple or otherwise including, but not limited to, an owner of real property subject to a homeowners’ association, an owner of an interest in a vacation time sharing plan, and a co‑owner under a horizontal property regime;
Homeowner means the owner or owners of a Residential Unit subject to a mortgage or similar loan secured by the residential unit. “Homeowner” is limited to owners who reside in the unit and includes the individuals residing in the unit with the homeowner.
Homeowner means one who owns and resides in, or who
Homeowner means: (a) Any person, company, firm, partnership, corporation, or association who contracts with a construction professional for the construction, sale, or construction and sale of a residence; and (b) an "association" as defined in this section. "Homeowner" includes, but is not limited to, a subsequent purchaser of a residence from any homeowner.
Homeowner means a declarant or other person who owns a unit in a homeowners association, but does not include a person having an interest in such a unit solely as security for an obligation.
Homeowner means the owner or owners of a Residential Unit subject to a mortgage or similar loan secured by the residential unit. Homeowner includes the owner of a Mobilehome.
Homeowner means: (a) Any person, company, firm,