Definition of POC Development Plan

POC Development Plan means the written plan for CANbridge's Development efforts in connection with the conduct of the POC Study (including a description of the POC Study itself), prepared and finalized by CANbridge in accordance with Section 4.2 (Development Authorities), as amended from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.
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Examples of POC Development Plan in a sentence

The JDC shall manage, coordinate and oversee the Parties activities under the Potentiator POC Development Plan, the Corrector/Combination Product POC Development Plan, the Post-POC Development Plans, and the Galapagos Territory Development Plan.
Subject to Section 3.2.2(ii), Galapagos shall be solely responsible for and shall bear all Development Costs incurred by the Parties and their Affiliates in connection with the performance of the Development activities set forth in each POC Development Plan up to the applicable POC Cost Cap.
Each Party shall perform the Development activities assigned to such Party (if any) in each POC Development Plan, and shall do so in accordance with such POC Development Plan (including the applicable POC Budget) by allocating sufficient time, effort, equipment, and skilled personnel to complete such Development activities successfully and promptly.
Each Party shall have the right to propose amendments to the Potentiator POC Development Plan through its representatives on the JDC.
Galapagos promptly shall share with AbbVie, through the processes established by the JDC, all Information generated and results achieved in conducting or as a result of conducting Development activities under each POC Development Plan, and the JDC shall use such Information and results to determine whether any Potentiator Product satisfies the Potentiator POC Success Criteria or whether any Combination Product satisfies the Corrector/Combination Product POC Success Criteria.