Pension Benefit definition

Pension Benefit means a pension, annuity, gratuity or similar allowance which is payable—
Pension Benefit means any pension, commutation of a pension, gratuity or other similar allowance or benefit or any refund of pension contributions, including any interest payable thereon, for a person in respect of his or her service as a member of the Judicial Service or in respect of any ill-health or injury arising out of and in the course of his or her official duties as such a member or for a dependant or personal representative of such person in respect of such service, ill-health or injury or on the death of such person;
Pension Benefit means the benefits under this Article, or

Examples of Pension Benefit in a sentence

  • The surviving spouse of an employee who dies after becoming eligible for any form of Pension Benefit under this plan, (whether he/she is retired or still employed by the Company), shall receive a monthly pension for life equal to sixty percent (60%) of the pension which the deceased employee was receiving, or was entitled to receive, at the time of death.

  • The cognizant governmental authorities referred to in 17.1 include, without limitation, the Department of Labor, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and their approval means their confirmation with respect to any matter within their regulatory authority that the Plan does not conflict with applicable law.

  • Seniority shall mean Term of Employment (TOE)/Net Credited Service (NCS) as defined by the applicable Pension Plan, or if no Pension Plan is applicable to an employee, then Seniority shall mean length of service calculated as if the employee were covered by the Bargained Cash Balance Program #2 of the AT&T Pension Benefit Plan.

  • These basic differentials will not be a part of the basic wage rate for any purpose, will not enter into computation of overtime pay required under the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act, nor will they enter into the computations of any payments under the "short-term disability program", the "AT&T Pension Benefit Plan," or any other fringe benefits or differentials.

  • For purposes of this calculation, the actuary shall use the then current interest rate for immediate annuities published by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and the actuary shall also use the mortality table used for the most recent regular actuarial determination.

More Definitions of Pension Benefit

Pension Benefit means a full or partial payment for service earned as a volunteer firefighter
Pension Benefit means the U.S. dollar amount of the actuarially-determined present value of benefits based on a Director's expected service at the required retirement date under The Southern Company Outside Directors Pension Plan, as calculated as of the Termination Date, plus accrued earnings on such amount calculated as if invested at the Prime Interest Rate from the Termination Date, until such amount is invested in Deferred Compensation Accounts pursuant to the provisions of Section 5.3.
Pension Benefit means the benefit payable to an individual under the Pension Plan or the UGS Pension Plan, as the context requires.
Pension Benefit means, with respect to each Participant, the annual retirement allowance to which Participant is entitled at Retirement payable from the Pension Plan and the Excess Plan and actuarially determined on the basis of an annuity for Participant's life utilizing actuarial assumptions as pertain for all other purposes of said Pension Plan and the Excess Plan whether or not such retirement allowance is actually paid, and regardless of any optional form of benefit payment elected under the Pension Plan and the Excess Plan by said Participant.
Pension Benefit means the benefit described in Section 5.1.
Pension Benefit means the pension benefit determined in accordance with Section 4.3.
Pension Benefit means that portion of a retiree's monthly re- tirement allowance that is funded by the state of Washington and the retiree's former employer or employers.