Garden Shed definition

Garden Shed means a prefabricated steel structure with a maximum floor area of 12.25m2, a maximum wall height of 1.8m and a maximum ridge height of 2.1m.
Garden Shed means a small building, usually of metal or timber construction, for the storage of garden implements and the like.
Garden Shed means a lawn locker or metal garden shed.

Examples of Garden Shed in a sentence

  • An earlier permission for a large distribution centre, the Garden Shed, was not implemented.

  • Loss caused by theft or attempted theft from Your Caravan (or if applicable, Your Garden Shed) that is not securely locked;9.

  • Loss caused by theft or attempted theft from Your Caravan or Annexe (or if applicable, Your Garden Shed) where there is no physical evidence of forcible or violent entry;8.

  • Garden Shed, Eaves, Site Cut, etc.) Type of surface to be constructed on, in or over the Easement: (eg.

  • Universally praised for its outstanding design, the Garden Shed is a storage building to be proud of.

  • The debtor will need to provide the Official Receiver with details as to the nature of the asset, as well as its full value, e.g. Garden Shed, £250.00.

  • The Lofted Garden Shed is available with treated wood, urethane, metal or vinylsiding.

  • Garden Shed The garden shed will be equipped with a combination lock, and each gardener will receive this combination.

  • Garden Shed – 106 North Mason Street – Landmark – Amy Ring, applicant – Approved.

  • Loss caused by theft or attempted theft from Your Caravan or Annexe (or if applicable, Your Garden Shed) that is not securely locked or does not have Hard Walls;9.

More Definitions of Garden Shed

Garden Shed means a structure not exceeding 10m2 , that is not affixed to a permanent foundation, and that is used or intended only for storage;

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