Originates definition

Originates means the production company has been a
Originates means the production company has been a resident of the state or registered with the secretary of state for at least twelve consecutive months AND, AS OF THE DATE OF APPLYING FOR A PERFORMANCE-BASED INCENTIVE AS SPECIFIED IN SECTION 24-48.5-116, HAS ENGAGED IN PRODUCTION ACTIVITIES IN THE STATE FOR OTHER PROJECTS IN THE PAST TWELVE CONSECUTIVE MONTHS ; except that, if the production company creates a business entity for the sole purpose of conducting production activities in the state, then such business entity need not be registered with the secretary of state for twelve consecutive months, but the owner MANAGER of the business entity must be a resident of the state for at least twelve consecutive months AS OF THE DATE OF APPLYING FOR A PERFORMANCEBASED INCENTIVE AS SPECIFIED IN SECTION 24-48.5-115 . FOR PURPOSES OF THIS SUBSECTION (4), “MANAGER OF THE BUSINESS ENTITY” MEANS A MANAGER WITH DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY TO MAKE FINANCIAL OR LEGAL COMMITMENTS ON BEHALF OF THE PRODUCTION OR BUSINESS.

Examples of Originates in a sentence

  • Originates, promotes, participates in, recruits for, etc., any unauthorized group, organization, gang, clique, association, etc.

  • Originates and develops innovative approaches for improving services and processes.

  • Registration - Originates in a Catholic Parish/School which is a member of a geographically determined Zone (currently, there are three North, East and West).

  • Originates from an area that a plant regulatory official of the state of origin certifies as pest-free; or2.

  • Originates from an assignment completed by six students in a 10 ECTS points course.

  • Originates from an SBC-13STATE end user located in an SBC-13STATE local exchange area and terminates to an OE-LEC end user located in another ILEC’s incumbent local exchange area.

  • Originates at the described premises, but only if such failure involves equipment used to supply the utility service to the described premises from a source away from the described premises.

  • Originates, or is proposed for release, in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

  • Originates loans for itself, as payee on the note evidencing the loan, or for another person.

  • Originates a loan secured by a lien on real property in the capacity of a lender or provider.2. Evidence of activity described in subsection 1 must be submitted to the Commissioner in the monthly report of activity.

Related to Originates

  • Originate means any of the following:

  • Manufactured home park means any tract of land upon which three or more manufactured or mobile homes used for habitation are parked, either free of charge or for revenue purposes, and includes any roadway, building, structure, vehicle, or enclosure used or intended for use as a part of the facilities of the park. "Manufactured home park" does not include any of the following:

  • Manufactured home means a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities. The term “manufactured home” does not include a “recreational vehicle”.

  • Manufactured housing means a structural unit or units designed for occupancy and constructed in a manufacturing facility and transported, by the use of its own chassis or an independent chassis, to a building site. The term includes any type of building that is constructed at a manufacturing facility and transported to a building site where it is used for housing and may be purchased or sold by a dealer in the interim. For purposes of this section, 2 types of manufactured housing are included. Those 2 types are:

  • Manufactured/mobile home has the meaning assigned to such term in the applicable Flood Insurance Regulation.

  • originating goods means goods that qualify as originating in accordance with the relevant provisions of Chapter 4;

  • Manufactured home dealer means any person, firm or

  • Consumer Contract means an agreement between the Retailer and the Consumer that includes the supply of electricity and distribution services;

  • Residential service means a service that is for domestic or household purposes, including single family or individually metered multi-family units and seasonal occupancy.

  • Manufactured home community means the same as land-leased community defined in sections 335.30A and 414.28A.

  • Loan originator The entity that closes a Mortgage Loan in its own name.

  • Off-road motorcycle means every motorcycle designed exclusively for off-road use by an individual

  • Selling Institution The entity obligated to make payments to the Issuer under the terms of a Participation Interest.

  • Originating Affiliate means an Affiliate of AmeriCredit that has originated Receivables and assigned its full interest therein to AmeriCredit.

  • Manufactured in the United States means that all manufacturing processes starting with the initial mixing and melting through the final shaping, welding, and coating processes must be undertaken in the United States. The definition of “manufacturing process” is smelting or any subsequent process that alters the material’s physical form, shape or chemical composition. These processes include rolling, extruding, machining, bending, grinding, drilling, etc. The application of coatings, such as epoxy coating, galvanizing, painting or any other coating that protects or enhances the value of steel or iron materials shall also be considered a manufacturing process subject to the “Buy America Requirements.”

  • Consumer means any person who is supplied with electricity for his own use by a licensee or the Government or by any other person engaged in the business of supplying electricity to the public under this Act or any other law for the time being in force and includes any person whose premises are for the time being connected for the purpose of receiving electricity with the works of a licensee, the Government or such other person, as the case may be;

  • Consumer loan means a loan made by a lender to a cus- tomer which is payable in installments or for which a finance charge is or may be imposed, and includes transactions pursuant to an open−end credit plan other than a seller credit card.

  • Residential services means a complete range of residences

  • Consumer advocate means the consumer advocate referred to in Iowa Code chapter 475A.

  • Federal contract information means information, not intended for public release, that is provided by or generated for the Government under a contract to develop or deliver a product or service to the Government, but not including information provided by the Government to the public (such as on public Web sites) or simple transactional information, such as necessary to process payments.

  • Motorcycle means every motor vehicle designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact

  • training institution means the Grantee.

  • Originating Party means the party within whose jurisdiction an application or registration is made or required.

  • Marijuana processor means a person who processes marijuana items in this state.

  • Originator means the sender of the first payment order in a funds transfer.

  • Originating site means a site where a patient is located at the time health care services are provided via telecommunications system or where the asynchronous store and forward service originates.