operational area definition

operational area means a work unit providing a distinct service that may include one of the following areas: domestic services, food services, laundry/linen services and the work of aides and orderlies and similar operational work
operational area means any part of the Licence Area upon which from time to time under the terms of these Acceptance Contract Conditions the Company proposes to carry out Petroleum Operations;
operational area means the geographical area wherein an operational activity is to take place;

Examples of operational area in a sentence

  • The new locations are likely to be situated within the same Business Area or Operational Area / Adjacent Operation Area within the same Business Area.

  • The Riverside County Board of Supervisors has designated EMD as the lead agency for coordination of emergency and disaster planning, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for the Riverside County Operational Area.

  • Riverside County Emergency Management Department is hereby established as the lead County department to ensure coordinated Operational Area level activities and administer the Emergency Management Program on behalf of the County of Riverside, Operational Area (OA) and the Director of Emergency Services.

  • The position of Emergency Management Department Director is hereby established and shall function as the County and Operational Area Emergency Manager.

  • The Operational Area Planning Committee is established to provide technical and subject matter input from stakeholders to the Disaster Council and EMD concerning Operational Area emergency and disaster mitigation, planning and preparedness activities.

More Definitions of operational area

operational area means the geographical area wherein an operational activity is to
operational area means any part of a facility used for the handling, storing and treatment of waste. “operator” means in relation to a regulated facility:
operational area means the waters described in the MPA October 30, 1992, Operations Area Binder, or any amendments to it consistent with the descriptions in the charter and By-Laws of MSRC and Exhibit 2 of the MPA Dues Procedures, copies of which are available for purchase from MPA.
operational area means an area of focus or function in a school, college, division, department, or office. An operational area will generally be a subset of a school, college, division, department, or office, and need not encompass the whole unit.
operational area means a geographic area defined in a project discharge permit where a group of wells or well fields in close proximity comprise a single class III well operation;
operational area means any area on the Airport which encompasses aircraft movements and vehicle traffic necessary to support the aircraft.
operational area means the area of a wood-grinding or composting facility where equipment maintenance, material storage, material processing, composting or curing activities are performed, or as otherwise specified by permit.