Nursing facilities definition

Nursing facilities means any building, structure, agency, institution, or other place which requires payment for the reception, accommodation, board, care, or treatment of more than three (3) unrelated individuals who due to a physical or mental infirmity, are unable to care for themselves. Nursing facilities does not mean offices of private physicians and surgeons, boarding homes, residential care facilities, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, hospitals, institutions operated by the federal government or licensed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services of the Department of Human Services, or any facility which is conducted by and for those who rely exclusively upon treatment by prayer for healing in accordance with tenets or practices of any recognized religious denomination;
Nursing facilities means a home, an establishment or an institution licensed by the State Department of Health pursuant to Section 1-1902 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes; and
Nursing facilities means skilled nursing or intermediate care facilities (generally defined in Section 11-94-2 of the Hawaii administrative rules) and may include assisted living administration functions and ancillary assisted living amenities;

Examples of Nursing facilities in a sentence

  • Nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, and hospitals enrolled as providers in the Iowa Medicaid program.

  • Nursing facilities are not required to honor individual preferences for specific types of equipment and supplies.

  • Nursing facilities are not required to purchase all specified codes, forms, sizes or varieties of the items listed in OAR chapter 410, division 122, so long as the residents’ service needs are met.

  • Nursing facilities that provide skilled or intermediate nursing care, or both, to Medicaid recipients may establish distinct part cost centers in their facility provided that adequate accounting and statistical data required to separately determine the nursing care cost of each distinct part is maintained.

  • Nursing facilities must collect these data on each of their residents at prescribed intervals and upon any significant change in physical or mental condition.

  • Nursing facilities participating in the Missouri Medicaid program which provide skilled or intermediate care, or intermediate care facility/mentally retarded (ICF/MR) care, or a combination of these, shall be reimbursed based upon the allowable costs of the individual nursing facility.

  • Nursing facilities and hospitals enrolled as providers in the Iowa Medicaid program.

  • Nursing facilities and training centers are notified in writing of their Medicaid utilization percent.

  • May apply in the following circumstances:▪ Services for Inpatient Hospital, Skilled Nursing facilities, Extended Care facilities, Organ/Tissue Transplants, and Hospice Care without a Prior Authorization may be subject to a $500 Penalty.▪ Free-Standing Outpatient Surgical Facility Services without a Prior Authorization may result in a$60 Penalty.▪ Specified outpatient surgeries and diagnostic procedures without Prior Authorization.

  • Any photographs or video clips uploaded should not have a file name of a child, especially where these may be uploaded to a school/education setting or other establishment website.Photographs should only ever include the child’s first name although safeguarding guidance states either a child’s name or a photograph but not both.

More Definitions of Nursing facilities

Nursing facilities means a home, an establishment or an institution licensed by the State Department of Health pursuant to Section 1-1901 et seq. of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes which is primarily engaged in providing to residents:
Nursing facilities means Mortgaged Properties operating as (i) skilled nursing facilities or (ii) assisted living facilities.

Related to Nursing facilities

  • Nursing facility means an institution as defined in Iowa Code chapter 135C. This definition does not include acute care settings.

  • Skilled Nursing Facility means an institution or part thereof that is licensed as a Skilled Nursing Facility by the State of Florida, and is accredited as a Skilled Nursing Facility by The Joint Commission or recognized as a Skilled Nursing Facility by the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States under Medicare.

  • Generating Facilities means Interconnection Customer’s device for the production and/or storage for later injection of electricity identified in the Interconnection Request, but shall not include the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities. Generation Interconnection Customer:

  • Tanning facility means a place that provides access to tanning devices for compensation.

  • Existing Facilities means all existing buildings and other facilities, the sites for the buildings or facilities, and furnishings or equipment for the buildings or facilities located on real property acquired by the building authority under the terms of this act.

  • Recreational Facilities means spas, saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, exercise, entertainment, athletic, playground or other similar equipment and associated accessories.

  • Generating Facility means the Generating Unit(s) comprising Seller’s power plant, as more particularly described in Section 1.02 and Exhibit B, including all other materials, equipment, systems, structures, features and improvements necessary to produce electric energy and thermal energy, excluding the Site, land rights and interests in land.

  • Marijuana testing facility means an entity licensed to analyze and certify the safety and potency of marijuana.

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Clean coal SNG facility means a facility that uses a

  • Public facilities means amenities that are—

  • Nursing program means a series of courses leading to an LPN certificate or an ADN degree provided through a Wyoming community college; or a BSN degree or a Master’s degree provided through the University of Wyoming; or, in the case of a candidate for a doctoral degree, provided through an institution offering the required nursing education courses under contract with the WICHE, or in a distance nursing education program provided through a university that is regionally accredited.

  • Nursing services means the provision of individual-specific advice, plans, or interventions by a nurse at a home based on the nursing process as outlined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Nursing services differ from administrative nursing services.

  • Non-Administrator Skilled Nursing Facility means a Skilled Nursing Facility which does not have an agreement with the Claim Administrator or another Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan but has been certified in accordance with guidelines established by Medicare.

  • Attachment Facilities means the facilities necessary to physically connect a Customer Facility to the Transmission System or interconnected distribution facilities.

  • New Facilities means facilities for which, by the cut-off date, neither of the following events has occurred:

  • Vending facility means automatic vending machines, cafeterias, snack bars, cart service, shelters, counters, and such other appropriate auxiliary equipment which may be operated by licensed managers and which is necessary for the sale of newspapers, periodicals, confections, tobacco products, foods, beverages, and other articles or services dispensed automatically or manually and prepared on or off the premises in accordance with all applicable health laws and including the vending or exchange of chances for any lottery authorized by State Law and conducted by an agency of a State within such State. [CFR 34, Part 395.1(X)]

  • Educational facility means a structure available for use as a dormitory or other housing facility, including housing facilities for students, a dining hall, student union, administration building, academic building, library, laboratory, research facility, classroom, athletic facility, health care facility, and maintenance, storage, or utility facility, and other structures or facilities related thereto or required or useful for the instruction of students or the conducting of research or the operation of an institution for higher education, including parking and other facilities or structures essential or convenient for the orderly conduct of the institution for higher education, and shall include lands and interests in lands and landscaping, site preparation, furniture, equipment, machinery, and other similar items necessary or convenient for the operation of a particular facility or structure in the manner for which its use is intended, and any improvements necessary to a particular facility to make the facility more energy efficient. Educational facility does not include items as books, fuel, supplies, or other items the costs of which are customarily deemed to result in a current operating charge and does not include any facility used or to be used for sectarian instruction or as a place of religious worship, nor a facility which is used or to be used primarily in connection with a part of the program of a school or department of divinity for a religious denomination.

  • Wastewater facilities means the structures, equipment, and processes required to collect, carry away, and treat domestic and industrial wastes and dispose of the effluent.

  • Skilled Nursing Care means services requiring the skill, training or supervision of licensed nursing personnel.

  • Cannabis processing facility means a person that:

  • Shared Facilities means the gentie lines, transformers, substations, or other equipment, permits, contract rights and obligations, and other assets and property (real or personal), in each case, as necessary to enable delivery of energy from Seller’s electric generating facility (which is excluded from this definition of Shared Facilities) to the Point of Interconnection that are used in common with other entities, as applicable.

  • Railroad facilities means right of way and related

  • Stormwater management facility means a control measure that controls stormwater runoff and changes the characteristics of that runoff including, but not limited to, the quantity and quality, the period of release or the velocity of flow.

  • Dry cleaning facility means an establishment with one or more dry cleaning systems.

  • Health facility means the medical college and hospital or the teaching hospital or the district/ sub-division etc. hospital to which the goods and/ or services under the contract shall be supplied.