Notwithstanding the foregoing, definition

Notwithstanding the foregoing,. Indemnifiable Tax" also means any Tax imposed in respect of payment under this Agreement by reason of a Change in Tax Law by a government or taxing authority of a Relevant Jurisdiction with respect to the party making such payment, unless the other party is incorporated, organized, managed and controlled or considered to have its seat in such jurisdiction, or is acting for purposes of this Agreement through a branch office located in such jurisdiction."
Notwithstanding the foregoing,. (i) each Interest Period which would otherwise end on a day which is not a Business Day shall end on the next succeeding Business Day (or, in the case of an Interest Period for Eurodollar Loans, if such next succeeding Business Day falls in the next succeeding calendar month, on the next preceding Business Day); (ii) no Interest Period applicable to any Eurodollar Loan or any Competitive Loan shall extend beyond the end of the scheduled Revolving Credit Availability Period, and (iii) no Interest Period for any Eurodollar Loans shall have a duration of less than one month and, if the Interest Period therefor would otherwise be a shorter period, such Loans shall not be available hereunder."
Notwithstanding the foregoing, except with respect to Razor & Tie Music, L.L.C. and the first Xxxxxxx Xxxxx album and first Siberia album of Necessary Records, and except with respect to Wonder Workshop's sales to religious stores and sales for re-sale through gift shops and specialty markets, if, during the term of the Distribution Agreement, the Company intends to acquire an interest in a third party label ("Proposed Acquired Label") or U.S.A. distribution rights in a third party label ("Proposed Distributed Label"), and if the U.S.A. distribution rights through normal retail distribution channels for the Proposed Acquired Label or Proposed Distributed Label, as applicable, are not available to be included in the Distribution Agreement, you can elect that the Company shall not acquire the interest in the Proposed Acquired Label or not obtain the distribution rights in the Proposed Distributed Label, and the Company will be bound by your election, unless your First Payment referred to in paragraph 3(c) is not paid on or before November 15, 1996 or your Second Payment is not paid on or before April 10, 1997. Before the Company obtains an interest in a Proposed Acquired Label or U.S.A. distribution rights in a Proposed Distributed Label, the Company will give you written notice if the U.S.A. distribution rights through normal retail distribution channels are not to be included in the Distribution Agreement and, provided that you have not failed or declined to pay the First Payment or Second Payment, you shall have ten (10) business days to give the Company written notice of your "veto" of that deal for failure to include such U.S.A. distribution rights under the Distribution Agreement. In the event such "veto" is duly made by you, the Company will decline to make the Proposed Acquired Label deal or Proposed Distributed Label deal, as applicable. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the Company from contracting for an option to make a Proposed Acquired Label deal or Proposed Distributed Label deal, but the Company may not exercise its option if you have duly exercised your "veto power" over that deal in accordance with this paragraph.

Examples of Notwithstanding the foregoing, in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the avoidance of doubt, nothing contained herein shall constitute a representation or warranty, or preclude any actions, with respect to locating or borrowing shares in order to effect Short Sales or similar transactions in the future.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of this Section 5.6 shall have no effect on any transfer of Warrants on and after the Detachment Date.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that any assignment of rights and obligations of any Defaulting Lender hereunder shall become effective under applicable Law without compliance with the provisions of this paragraph, then the assignee of such interest shall be deemed to be a Defaulting Lender for all purposes of this Agreement until such compliance occurs.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may lower the Warrant Price or extend the duration of the Exercise Period pursuant to Sections 3.1 and 3.2, respectively, without the consent of the Registered Holders.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any portion of this Note is converted as aforesaid, the Holder may not transfer this Note unless the Holder first physically surrenders this Note to the Borrower, whereupon the Borrower will forthwith issue and deliver upon the order of the Holder a new Note of like tenor, registered as the Holder (upon payment by the Holder of any applicable transfer taxes) may request, representing in the aggregate the remaining unpaid principal amount of this Note.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of this paragraph will not apply to suits brought to enforce any liability or duty created by the Exchange Act or any other claim for which the federal district courts of the United States of America are the sole and exclusive forum.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, no provision of this Indenture shall require the Trustee to expend or risk its own funds or otherwise incur any financial liability in the performance of any of its duties hereunder, or in the exercise of any of its rights or powers, if it shall have reasonable grounds for believing that repayment of such funds or adequate indemnity against such risk or liability is not reasonably assured to it.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company has not disclosed to the Buyer any material nonpublic information and will not disclose such information unless such information is disclosed to the public prior to or promptly following such disclosure to the Buyer.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything else contained herein to the contrary, the Securities may be pledged as collateral in connection with a bona fide margin account or other lending arrangement.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, no Expiration Date shall be later than the 180th day after the applicable record date.

Related to Notwithstanding the foregoing,

  • Detrimental Activity means, unless otherwise determined by the Committee, in the applicable Award Agreement: (a) the disclosure to anyone outside the Company or its Affiliates, or the use in any manner other than in the furtherance of the Company’s or its Affiliate’s business, without written authorization from the Company, of any confidential information, trade secrets or proprietary information, relating to the business of the Company or its Affiliates that is acquired by a Participant prior to the Participant’s Termination; (b) activity while employed or performing services that results, or if known could result, in the Participant’s Termination that is classified by the Company as a termination for Cause; (c) any attempt, directly or indirectly, to solicit, induce or hire (or the identification for solicitation, inducement or hiring of) any employee of the Company or its Affiliates to be employed by, or to perform services for, the Participant or any person or entity with which the Participant is associated (including, but not limited to, due to the Participant’s employment by, consultancy for, equity interest in, or creditor relationship with such person or entity) or any person or entity from which the Participant receives direct or indirect compensation or fees as a result of such solicitation, inducement or hire (or the identification for solicitation, inducement or hire) without, in all cases, written authorization from the Company; (d) any attempt, directly or indirectly, to solicit in a competitive manner any customer or prospective customer of the Company or its Affiliates at the time of a Participant’s Termination, without, in all cases, written authorization from the Company; (e) the Participant’s Disparagement, or inducement of others to do so, of the Company or its Affiliates or their past and present officers, directors, employees or products; or (f) breach of any agreement between the Participant and the Company or an Affiliate (including, without limitation, any employment agreement or noncompetition or nonsolicitation agreement). For purposes of sub-sections (a), (c), and (d) above, the General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Human Resources or the Chief Executive Officer of the Company shall have authority to provide the Participant, except for himself or herself, with written authorization to engage in the activities contemplated thereby and no other person shall have authority to provide the Participant with such authorization.

  • sentence means the sanction or combination of sanctions imposed by the sentencing court on an offender who is convicted of or pleads guilty to an offense.

  • Event shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(d).

  • Restriction Termination Date means the first day on which the Board of Directors of the Corporation determines that it is no longer in the best interests of the Corporation to attempt to, or continue to, qualify as a REIT.

  • IF means Platts Inside FERC;

  • That (a) subject to paragraph 5B(b), the exercise by the Directors during the Relevant Period of all the powers of the Company to repurchase its own shares on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) or on any other stock exchange on which the securities of the Company may be listed and recognized by the Securities and Futures Commission and the Stock Exchange for this purpose, subject to and in accordance with all applicable laws and requirements of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange or of any other stock exchange on which the securities of the Company may be listed as amended from time to time, be and is hereby generally and unconditionally approved;

  • Permitted Transfer has the meaning set forth in Section 10.02.

  • Nothing herein shall be construed to require the Trust to accept any offer to purchase any Trust Interests, all of which shall be subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

  • This means we liquidate purchase payments in the order they were made: the oldest unliquidated purchase payment first, the next oldest unliquidated purchase payment second, etc., until all purchase payments have been liquidated. The surrender charge as to any liquidated purchase payment is determined by multiplying the amount of the purchase payment being liquidated by the applicable percentage shown in the Schedule. The total surrender charge will be the sum of the surrender charges for each purchase payment being liquidated. In a partial withdrawal, the surrender charge is deducted from the Account Value remaining after you are paid the amount requested. The amount requested from a Sub-Account may not exceed the value of that Sub-Account less any applicable surrender charge. In a complete withdrawal (or surrender of this Contract), it is deducted from the amount otherwise payable. CHARGES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The types and amounts of charges and when and how they are deducted are described in the Schedule. OWNER, ANNUITANT AND BENEFICIARY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Owner - You are the Owner of this Contract. You have the rights and options described in this Contract, including but not limited to the right to receive the income payments beginning on the Income Date. One or more people may own this Contract. The Annuitant - Unless another Annuitant is shown in the Schedule, you are also the Annuitant. You may name a Contingent Annuitant. You will be the Contingent Annuitant unless you name someone else. If there are joint Owners, we will treat the youngest Owner as the Contingent Annuitant, unless you elect otherwise. If you are not the Annuitant and the Annuitant dies before the Income Date, the Contingent Annuitant becomes the Annuitant. If the Annuitant dies and no Contingent Annuitant has been named, we will allow you sixty days to designate someone other than yourself as Annuitant. The Beneficiary - We pay the death benefit to the primary Beneficiary (unless there are joint Owners in which case proceeds are payable to the surviving Owner). If the primary Beneficiary dies before the Owner, the death benefit is paid to the Contingent Beneficiary, if any. If there is no surviving Beneficiary, we pay the death benefit to the Owner's estate. One or more persons may be named as primary Beneficiary or Contingent Beneficiary. We will assume any death benefit is to be paid in equal shares to the multiple surviving Beneficiaries unless you specify otherwise. You have the right to change Beneficiaries. However, if you designate the primary Beneficiary as irrevocable, you may need the consent of that irrevocable Beneficiary to exercise the rights and options under this Contract. Change of Owner, Beneficiary or Annuitant - During your lifetime and while this Contract is in force you can transfer ownership of this Contract or change the Beneficiary, or change the Annuitant. (However, the Annuitant cannot be changed after the Income Date.) To make any of these changes, you must send us Satisfactory Notice. If accepted, any change in Owner, Beneficiary or Annuitant will take effect on the date you signed the notice. Any of these changes will not affect any payment made or action taken by us before our acceptance. A change of Owner may be a taxable event and may also affect the amount of death benefit payable under this Contract. DEATH BENEFITS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Death Benefit Before the Income Date - If any Owner dies before the Income Date, we will pay the Beneficiary the greatest of the following:

  • Permitted Transfers has the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.17(d).

  • None means there were not enough English Language Learners to meet the minimum n-size requirement.

  • Restricted Activity means directly or indirectly owning any interest in, managing, controlling, participating in, consulting with, rendering services for, or in any manner engaging in any business with any customer, supplier, competitor or other person having a business relation with the Company or any of its subsidiaries; provided however that the term "Restricted Activity" shall not include passive ownership of not more than 2% of the outstanding stock of any class of a corporation which is publicly traded, so long as Executive has no active participation in the business of that corporation.

  • determines or “determined” means a determination made in the absolute discretion of the person making the determination.

  • Transfer Provisions means the provisions of Section 00-00-000 of the FILOT Act, as amended or supplemented from time to time, concerning, among other things, the necessity of obtaining County consent to certain transfers. Any reference to any agreement or document in this Article I or otherwise in this Fee Agreement shall include any and all amendments, supplements, addenda, and modifications to such agreement or document.