Nominated Bank Account definition

Nominated Bank Account means MDL’s bank account as notified by MDL to the other Party from time to time.
Nominated Bank Account means a personal bank or building society account in your name or held jointly by you which you specified in your Application Form or notified to us at a later date.
Nominated Bank Account means a bank account designated by an auctioneer, a bidder or its successor in title for the receipt of payments due under this Regulation;

Examples of Nominated Bank Account in a sentence

  • All cash payments made under this agreement to the Vendor must be paid in cleared funds by electronic transfer to the Nominated Bank Account or other accounts nominated by the Vendor.

More Definitions of Nominated Bank Account

Nominated Bank Account means the sterling bank account which You have advised We are to be debited and credited with funds due to Us.
Nominated Bank Account means the bank account selected by the Client, into which the Bank shall pay all monies due to the Client and from which the Bank may debit any amounts owed by the Client;
Nominated Bank Account means the bank account nominated by you at the time that you register for the Service, or changed by you from time to time through the Service, from which you will transfer funds to us (that we will add to your Cash Balance) and into which we will pay your Cash Balance when you make withdrawals through our Services.
Nominated Bank Account means the bank account into which the tenderer must transfer (EFT) the CCT’s revenue. The bank details will be provided at the commencement of the contract. Note, the CCT is already a pre-defined beneficiary at all the major banks.
Nominated Bank Account means the bank account nominated by the parents of an eligible child as the account into which the cash payments are to be credited;
Nominated Bank Account means an account held in your name with a UK based financial institution regulated by the PRA and/or the FCA.
Nominated Bank Account or “Clearing Account” means the bank account that will be debited and credited by the Bank in respect of the Merchant Agreement;