Mortgage Loan File definition

Mortgage Loan File for inclusion in the Mortgage Loan File (to the extent such documents are in the possession of the Special Servicer) and copies of any additional related Mortgage Loan information, including correspondence with the Borrower Related Parties, and the Special Servicer shall promptly provide copies of all of the foregoing to the Servicer as well as copies of any analysis or internal review prepared by or for the benefit of the Special Servicer, provided that, such materials shall not include any Privileged Information.
Mortgage Loan File. With respect to each Mortgage Loan, that file that contains the Mortgage Loan Documents and is delivered to Buyer or its Custodian.

Examples of Mortgage Loan File in a sentence

  • Each Originator shall maintain a Mortgage Loan File containing copies of all Mortgage Documents and such other documents specified from time to time by the Authority with respect to each Mortgage Loan originated by the Originator and sold to the Authority until at least three (3) years after the date the Mortgage Loan is Purchased.

  • Qualified Mortgage Loans shall be formed into Pools for the issuance of the Mortgage Certificates.Section 4.7 Maintenance of Mortgage Loan File.

  • In addition to any other remedy provided for in this Agreement, where, in the sole judgment of the Authority, the Originator fails to submit to the Authority the required final documentation for inclusion of a Mortgage Loan in a Ginnie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Fannie Mae Pool within 120 days of the Closing Date of such Mortgage Loan, the Originator hereby agrees to pay a $100 penalty to the Authority for each 30-day period thereafter that such Mortgage Loan File remains incomplete in any respect.

  • Prior to the Purchase of a Mortgage Loan or the inclusion thereof in a Pool, the Originator shall record or file for record the Mortgage Documents (or ensure the recordation or filing thereon for such Mortgage Loan) in all offices necessary to perfect the lien of the Mortgage under the laws of the State and submit same, with proper recordation notation, with the Mortgage Loan File.

  • The Originator shall submit the complete Mortgage Loan File within 10 days after the Closing Date prepared in accordance with the Program requirements and containing the documents specified therein.

More Definitions of Mortgage Loan File

Mortgage Loan File. With respect to any Conveyed Mortgage Loan, the documents described in the definition of "Mortgage Loan File" in the Revolving Loan Purchase Agreement.
Mortgage Loan File. With respect to each Mortgage Loan,
Mortgage Loan File means the file with respect to each Mortgage Loan required to be maintained pursuant hereto, including all documents necessary for inclusion of the Mortgage Loan in a Mortgage Certificate.
Mortgage Loan File means, with respect to any Participated Mortgage Loan, any and all Mortgage Loan Documents and other agreements, files, records and other documents related to such Participated Mortgage Loan (including the related credit file and underwriting standards under which Seller approved such Participated Mortgage Loan).
Mortgage Loan File shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the Custodial Agreement.