Track definition

Track means the projection on the earth’s surface of the path of an aircraft, the direction of which path at any point is usually expressed in degrees from North (true, magnetic or grid);
Track means that part of a racecourse known as the race track on which greyhounds actually compete.
Track means the part of the Infrastructure comprising the rail, ballast, sleepers and associated fittings;

Examples of Track in a sentence

The Fast Track Process was used as the proposal satisfied the requirements of clause 2.5.9 (a) of the Market Rules.

Track a Workspace: After successfully submitting a workspace package, a Tracking Number (GRANTXXXXXXXX) is automatically assigned to the package.

The history of in particular JI Track 1 has shown that environmental integrity may be breached severely without international oversight.

Clearly mark all changes using either (1) Track Change or (2) strikethroughs for deletions and underlines for additions.

Within 60 days, the Director will notify the Performance Track member facility, in writing, if the request is ap- proved, denied, or if an extension to the 60-day deadline is needed.

More Definitions of Track

Track means any association duly licensed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to conduct horse racing. "Track" shall include any facility or real property that is owned, leased, or purchased by a track within the same geographic area within a sixty (60) mile radius of a track but not contiguous to track premises, upon racing commission approval, and provided the noncontiguous property is not within a sixty (60) mile radius of another licensed track premise where live racing is conducted and not within a forty (40) mile radius of a simulcast facility, unless any affected track or simulcast facility agrees in writing to permit a noncontiguous facility within the protected geographic area.
Track means an assembly of rails, ties, and fastenings that cars, locomotives, and trains traverse.
Track means a horse-race course, dog track or other premises on any part of which a race or other sporting event takes place or is intended to take place
Track or "racetrack" means a track that is located within the state of Colorado and at which a race meet of horses is conducted under a license granted pursuant to section 12-60-505.
Track means any land or other property comprising the permanent way of any railway, taken together with the ballast, sleepers and metals laid thereon, whether or not the land or other property is also used for other purposes; and any reference to track includes a reference to
Track means to allow, cause or permit any dirt, soil, mud, gravel, sand, clay, lime, fertilizer, manure, substance or material of any nature or kind whatsoever to become loose or detached or blow, drop spill or fall from any vehicle, appurtenances, or tires onto any highway or land in the vicinity of any highway;
Track means the capability to identify the current, and at the time of shipment the intended future, location, ownership, and packaging hierarchy of a traceable item through the supply chain as the traceable item moves between parties. "Track" addresses both forward and reverse logistics operations. "Track" answers questions such as where is the item currently, who is the next intended recipient, and what is the current packaging hierarchy of the item.