Supervise definition

Supervise or "supervision" means an early learning provider must be able to see or hear the children they are responsible for at all times. Early learning providers must use their knowledge of each child's development and behavior to anticipate what may occur to pre- vent unsafe or unhealthy events or conduct, or to intervene in such circumstances as soon as possible. Early learning providers must also reposition themselves or the children to be aware of where children are and what they are doing during care. An early learning provider must reassess and adjust their supervision each time child care activ- ities change. See "active supervision" for a heightened standard of care.
Supervise or “Supervision” means overseeing and accepting responsibility for the medical services rendered by a physician assistant.
Supervise means to control, oversee, and review the activities of an employee, intern, trainee, or resident who provides psychological services.

Examples of Supervise in a sentence

  • Supervise students on entry when the bell goes to ensure that it is orderly and safe.

  • Supervise and evaluate School District teachers per the School District collective bargaining agreement.

  • Supervise the students as per teacher’s instructions.2. Small children should not accompany chaperones on the trip3.

  • Supervise the student’s application to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at RMU to conduct the dissertation research, to be submitted after the student passes the proposal defense.

  • The criteria have been previously agreed by the Committee to Supervise Mergers and Acquisitions of Financial Institutions and later ratified by the FRA Board.

More Definitions of Supervise

Supervise as used in this rule means to direct, inspect, observe, and evaluate performance.
Supervise means to monitor, instruct and be accountable for agency staff in their performance of clinical services to persons served according to the policies of the agency, and has the same meaning as "clinical supervision."
Supervise or "supervision" means the direction, management, and
Supervise or "supervision" means a licensed embalmer has
Supervise means directing the application of a pesticide with or without being physically present during the application.
Supervise or "supervision" means a licensed embalmer has responsibility for and is within sight and sound of a licensed intern who is embalming a dead human body or a student who is assisting in embalming a dead human body.