Verify definition

Verify means to confirm information provided to an
Verify means the use of commercially reasonable efforts to ascertain that the consumer responding to a mail solicitation is the same consumer to whom the solicitation was directed. For the purposes of this article, a solicitor shall be deemed to verify that the consumer accepting a mail solicitation is the same consumer to whom the solicitation was directed if:
Verify means the comparing of a person’s signature with the registration records of the appropriate supervisor of elections to determine if that person is a duly registered elector qualified to sign the petition card submitted and be counted as a valid signature.

Examples of Verify in a sentence

  • If the Contractor is not enrolled in DHS E- Verify System, it will do so within five (5) calendar days of notice of Contract award and provide the Contract Manager a copy of its MOU within five (5) calendar days of Contract execution.

  • The Contractor agrees that after providing the Contractor at least twenty-four hours’ notice, the staff, designees or agents of the UCRC, who may be accompanied by the state engineer or the state engineer’s authorized designee in the state where the Project takes place, will have the right to access and enter the subject property to Verify and Evaluate the results of the Project as specified in this SCIA, and as provided in the Verification Plan (Exhibit A).

  • The UCRC will Verify that the Project is performed consistently with the terms of this SCIA and Exhibit A, Verification Plan, with the assistance of its staff, designees or agents, and/or the state engineer or authorized designee in the state where the Project is located.

  • Verify that agent is approved IATA Agent before granting commissions to approved IATA agents.

  • Verify the provided service is not a covered service under Florida Medicaid, as defined in Chapter 59G-4, F.A.C., or is not available through the individual’s MMA Plan.

More Definitions of Verify

Verify means to confirm by obtaining information through a source such as the newborn screening program, a health care provider, a health care facility, or a documented record.
Verify means procedures to ensure that the source document is genuine and has not been altered (i.e. "document authentication") and the identity data contained on the document is valid ("data verification").
Verify means to determine that the consumer making a request to know or request to delete is the consumer about whom the business has collected information, or is the parent or legal guardian ofif that consumer who is less than 13 years of age, the consumer’s parent or legal guardian.
Verify means the signing of a document before a notary public and under oath.
Verify means an attempt by the Alarm Company, or its representative, to contact the Alarm Site by telephonic or other electronic means, whether or not actual contact with a Person is made, before requesting law enforcement dispatch, in an attempt to avoid an unnecessary Alarm Dispatch Request.
Verify means confirmation that the action(s) proposed by the Contractor and agreed to under this SCIA have been taken, as further described in Exhibit A to this SCIA, Verification Plan.
Verify means to confirm that a fact, circumstance or condition is more likely than not true through the submission and examination of direct evidence or another form of reliable documentation, or through a contact with a knowledgeable source other than the assistance unit.