Medical examiner definition

Medical examiner means that term as defined in 49 CFR 390.5.

Examples of Medical examiner in a sentence

  • Medical examiner records and reports, including preliminary reports, investigative reports, and autopsy reports.

  • Intrastate commerce means any trade, traffic, or transportation in any State which is not described in the term "interstate commerce." Medical examiner means a person who is licensed, certified, and/or registered, in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations, to perform physical examinations.

  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATION Medical certifier Complete itemsPronouncing physician 24–31 Certifying physician 32–37, 45–49 (sometimes 38–44) Pronouncing and certifying physician 24, 25, 29–37, and 45–49(sometimes 38–44) Medical examiner or coroner 24, 25, 29, 30, and 32–49The attending physician is usually in a better position than any other individual to make a judgment as to which of the conditions led directly to death and to state the antecedent conditions, if any, that gave rise to this cause.

  • Appropriations for the Medical examiner department are based on historical costs.

  • Medical examiner representative: The medical examiner representative serves as a liaison between the victim identification activities at the morgue, the antemortem interview process at the FAC, and the DMORT FAC team.

More Definitions of Medical examiner

Medical examiner s certificate” means a certificate completed and signed by a medical examiner under the provisions of 49 CFR Section 391.43.
Medical examiner means the medical legal officer who makes the determination of the cause of death in nonroutine deaths such as non-natural, sudden, or unattended deaths or other deaths which affect the public interest.
Medical examiner means a public official whose primary function is to investigate and determine the cause of death when death may be thought to be from other than natural causes.
Medical examiner or "medical practitioner" means:
Medical examiner means that term as defined under 49 CFR 390.5.
Medical examiner means the same as that term is defined in Section 26-4-2.
Medical examiner means the state medical examiner appointed pursuant to Section 26-4-4 or a deputy appointed by the medical examiner.