Definition of Outpatient

Outpatient means a patient of an organized medical facility or a distinct part of such facility, who is expected by the facility to receive, and who does receive, professional services for less than a twenty-four-hour period regardless of the hour of admission, whether or not a bed is used or the patient remains in the facility past midnight;

Outpatient means a Covered Person who is receiving medical care, treatment, services or supplies at a clinic, a Physician's office, a Licensed Health Care Provider’s office or at a Hospital if not a registered bedpatient at that Hospital, Psychiatric Facility or Alcoholism and/or Chemical Dependency Treatment Facility. PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION

Outpatient means a patient receiving services that generally do not require admission to a hospital bed for twenty-four hours or more.

Examples of Outpatient in a sentence

Inpatients and Outpatients Served by Payor Source" and "Inpatient and Outpatient Net Revenue by Payor Source" as required by the Board under Section 13 of this Act and published in the Annual Hospital Profile.
The following therapies will be paid under the Tests and Procedures (Outpatient) benefit:  Inhalation therapy.
Outpatient observation lasting greater than a 24-hour period will be subject to review by the QIO to determine the medical necessity of each case.
Outpatient services include those furnished by or under the direction of a physician, dentist or other medical professional acting within the scope of his license to an eligible individual.
Services are subject to the limits, if any, listed in the Outpatient Home Health Visits section of the Schedule of Benefits.

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Outpatient means professional services provided for less than a 24-hour period regardless of the hour of admission, whether or not a bed is used, or whether or not the patient remains in the facility past midnight.

Outpatient means a patient not admitted to a hospital prior to and extending past midnight for treatment and lodging. Medical services provided by a health care provider such as emergency room services, observation room, or short stay surgical treatments that do not result in admission are also considered outpatient services.

Outpatient means a client who is receiving medical services in other than an inpatient hospital setting.

Outpatient means an individual who is not a residential patient in a health care institution.

Outpatient means an individual who:

Outpatient means services that do not require admission to a hospital for twenty-four hours or more.

Outpatient means a nonhospitalized patient receiving care in a hospital outpatient or hospital emergency department, or away from a hospital such as in a physician's office, the patient's own home, or a nursing facility.