Retail Sale Sample Clauses

Retail Sale. Issuance of Government Domestic Borrowing Securities which are not traded in the secondary market to individual investors and other small scale investors through directly Undersecretariat of Treasury and / or through intermediary / intermediaries determined by Undersecretariat of Treasury,

Related to Retail Sale

  • Sale For value received, Seller hereby conveys to Purchaser, without recourse, all right, title and interest, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, in and to the Mortgage Loans identified on Exhibit 1 (the “Mortgage Loan Schedule”) to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, dated December 14, 2018 (the “Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement”), between Seller and Purchaser and all of the following property:

  • Alcoholic Beverages USER hereby acknowledges and agrees that no alcoholic beverages shall consumed or possessed by USER its agents, contractors, employees, patrons, performers or guests while in, on or about the Authorized Area.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • Purchase and Sale of Products Xxxx agrees to purchase and receive from the Company, and the Company agrees to sell and deliver to Xxxx, the entire Products output of the Refinery from and including the Commencement Date through the end of the Term of this Agreement, at the prices determined pursuant to this Agreement and otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Product Sales a. Section 2.5(b) of the Agreement is hereby amended to delete the first paragraph of such Section which is hereby replaced with the following: “Subject to Sections 10.3(c) and 10.3(d) of the Agreement, Licensee agrees that it will not sell, offer for sale, or assist third parties (including Affiliates) in selling Product except for the sale and offer for sale of (A) TAF Product, TAF Combination, TDF Product and TDF Combination Product for use in the Field in and in the countries of the TDF-TAF Territory, (B) COBI Product and COBI Combination Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the COBI Territory, (C) EVG Product, EVG Combination Product and Quad Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the EVG-Quad Territory, and (D) BIC Product and BIC Combination Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the BIC Territory.”

  • Sales On the settlement date for a sale, Bank will credit the Cash Account with the proceeds of the sale and transfer the relevant Financial Assets to an account at the Bank pending settlement of the trade where not already delivered.

  • Wholesaler Also referred to as Vendor, Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor, or Prime Vendor, is a business that functions as a purchaser’s source of distribution for a wide array of pharmaceutical and related Products as identified by the MMCAP Infuse Participating Facility. A Wholesaler is responsible for maintaining and distributing an Adequate Supply of pharmaceuticals and related Products and any other items contracted for that are dispensed through the MMCAP Infuse Participating Facilities’ pharmacy service.

  • Purchases of Portfolio Shares for Sale to Customers (a) In offering and selling Portfolio shares to your customers, you agree to act as dealer for your own account; you are not authorized to act as agent for us or for any Portfolio. (b) You agree to offer and sell Portfolio shares to your customers only at the applicable public offering price in accordance with the Prospectus. If your customer qualifies for a reduced sales charge pursuant to a special purchase plan (for example, a quantity discount, letter of intent, or right of accumulation) as described in the Prospectus, you agree to offer and sell Portfolio shares to your customer at the applicable reduced sales charge. You agree to deliver or cause to be delivered to each customer, at or prior to the time of any purchase of shares, a copy of the then current prospectus (including any stickers thereto), unless such prospectus has already been delivered to the customer, and to each customer who so requests, a copy of the then current statement of additional information (including any stickers thereto). (c) You agree to purchase Portfolio shares from us only to cover purchase orders that you have already received from your customers, or for your own investment. You also agree not to purchase any Portfolio shares from your customers at a price lower than the applicable redemption price, determined in the manner described in the Prospectus. You will not withhold placing customers' orders so as to profit yourself as a result of such withholding (for example, by a change in a Portfolio's net asset value from that used in determining the offering price to your customers). (d) We will accept your purchase orders only at the public offering price applicable to each order, as determined in accordance with the Prospectus. We will not accept from you a conditional order for Portfolio shares. All orders are subject to acceptance or rejection by us in our sole discretion. We may, without notice, suspend sales or withdraw the offering of Portfolio shares, or make a limited offering of Portfolio shares. (e) The placing of orders with us will be governed by instructions that we will periodically issue to you. You must pay for Portfolio shares in New York or Boston clearing house funds or in federal funds in accordance with such instructions, and we must receive your payment on or before the settlement date established in accordance with Rule 15c6-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the "1934 Act"). If we do not receive your payment on or before such settlement date, we may, without notice, cancel the sale, or, at our option, sell the shares that you ordered back to the issuing Portfolio, and we may hold you responsible for any loss suffered by us or the issuing Portfolio as a result of your failure to make payment as required. (f) You agree to comply with all applicable state and federal laws and with the rules and regulations of authorized regulatory agencies thereunder. You agree to offer and sell Portfolio shares only in states where you may legally offer and sell such Portfolio's shares. You will not offer shares of any Portfolio for sale unless such shares are registered for sale under the applicable state and federal laws and the rules and regulations thereunder. (g) Certificates evidencing Portfolio shares are not available; any transaction in Portfolio shares will be effected and evidenced by book-entry on the records maintained by Fidelity Investments Institutional Operations Company, Inc. ("FIIOC"). A confirmation statement evidencing transactions in Portfolio shares will be transmitted to you. (h) You may designate FIIOC to execute your customers' transactions in Portfolio shares in accordance with the terms of any account, program, plan, or service established or used by your customers, and to confirm each transaction to your customers on your behalf. At the time of the transaction, you guarantee the legal capacity of your customers and any co-owners of such shares so transacting in such shares. 3.

  • Gaming, betting and lotteries The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.

  • Procurement of Goods and Services (a) If the HSP is subject to the procurement provisions of the BPSAA, the HSP will abide by all directives and guidelines issued by the Management Board of Cabinet that are applicable to the HSP pursuant to the BPSAA.