LICENSOR and LICENSEE definition

LICENSOR and LICENSEE shall recover their respective actual out-of-pocket expenses, or equitable proportions thereof, associated with any litigation or settlement thereof, from any recovery made by any party. Any excess amount shall before the party which has conducted the litigation or settlement thereof.

Examples of LICENSOR and LICENSEE in a sentence

  • This Agreement shall be interpreted, construed, governed and enforced in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of New York, and LICENSOR and LICENSEE hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state or federal courts located in the County of Nassau and State of New York for such purposes.

  • LICENSOR and LICENSEE make no guaranty or warranty to one another under this Agreement (a) that LICENSEE will be able to develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise commercialize Licensed Products, or (b) as to the validity of any patent.

  • Upon request by LICENSEE, during the term of this Agreement and when mutually convenient to LICENSOR and LICENSEE, LICENSOR shall supply LICENSEE with small quantities of materials related to Licensed Products for experimental use only by LICENSEE, and shall charge LICENSEE $750 per man/day plus the cost of any other materials used in making such materials, plus the cost of shipping such materials to LICENSEE.

  • Upon written request by the non-inventing party, LICENSOR and LICENSEE shall negotiate with each other regarding the grant of nonexclusive rights and licenses to use such improvements and modifications, but neither party shall be obligated to grant such rights and licenses to one another.

  • LICENSOR and LICENSEE agree that they shall acknowledge in writing the Commencement Date of each Supplement.

  • LICENSOR and LICENSEE agree that an independent certified public accounting firm (selected by LICENSOR from the largest ten certified public accounting firms in the United States of America) may audit such records, files and books of accounts to determine the accuracy of the statements given by LICENSEE pursuant to Section 3.1 hereof.

  • The time period for applications may be further tolled by the express agreement in writing by both LICENSOR and LICENSEE; or a local, State or federal disaster declaration or similar emergency that causes the delay.

  • No such payment shall be due from LICENSEE to LICENSOR if the referred customer was already a customer of LICENSEE prior to the date of referral by LICENSOR and LICENSEE informs LICENSOR of such fact at the time that the referral by LICENSOR is made.

  • LICENSOR and LICENSEE acknowledge and agree that the initial rental payment for each Supplement shall not actually be sent by LICENSEE until thirty (30) days after the Commencement Date.

  • Upon written request by the non- inventing party, LICENSOR and LICENSEE shall negotiate with each other regarding the grant of nonexclusive rights and licenses to use such improvements and modifications, but neither party shall be obligated to grant such rights and licenses to one another.


  • Licensee has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Licensor means the copyright owner or entity authorized by the copyright owner that is granting the License.

  • Sublicensee means a third party to whom LICENSEE grants a sublicense of certain rights granted to LICENSEE under this Agreement.

  • Third Party Licensor means the relevant licensor of any Third Party Data or any Third Party Trade Xxxx;

  • the Licensee means the person(s) named in the licence.

  • Sublicensees as used herein in either singular or plural shall mean any person or entity other than an AFFILIATED COMPANY to which Company has granted a sublicense under this Agreement.

  • Sublicense Agreement means any agreement or arrangement pursuant to which Licensee (or an Affiliate or Sublicensee) grants to any third party any of the license rights granted to the Licensee under the Agreement.

  • Licensors means PRS and MCPS.

  • Licensee Parties has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.1.

  • Sub-Licensee means all person/ agency with whom Licensee has executed sub license agreement as per terms and conditions of license agreement executed between DMRC and the Licensee, for commercial utilization of the Bare Spaces.

  • End User License Agreement means a license grant or end user license agreement governing software as further described in this Agreement or any applicable Appendix.

  • UBC means the Uniform Building Code. “UL” means the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.

  • ISIS means the department’s individualized services information system.

  • Licensor Technology means the Licensor Patents and the Licensor Know-How.

  • OMP means Occupational Medical Practitioner

  • Merck has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Third Party Agreement means any agreement with a Third Party for the provision of goods, a service, lease or license relating to, or necessary for, the provision of the Services or Expense Activities whether entered into before or after the date of this Agreement.

  • Licensed User means a natural person employed by or under contract to Licensee who is assigned a unique and fixed user account to consume one license to use the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application, under this License Agreement, regardless of whether such individual is actively using the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application at any given time. Licenses for Licensed Users are priced on a per seat or site subscription basis.

  • Third Party License means licenses from third parties governing third party software embedded or used in the Trading Platform.

  • Collaborator An individual who is not under the direct supervision of the PI (e.g., not a member of the PI’s laboratory) who assists with the PI’s research project involving controlled-access data subject to the NIH GDS Policy. Internal collaborators are employees of the Requester and work at the same location/campus as the PI. External collaborators are not employees of the Requester and/or do not work at the same location as the PI, and consequently must be independently approved to access controlled-access data subject to the NIH GDS Policy.

  • Licensed producer means a person or entity licensed to produce medical cannabis.

  • Novartis shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

  • License Agreement means the agreement between SAP (or an SAP SE Affiliate, or an authorized reseller) and the Customer under which Customer procured the rights to use SAP Software or a Cloud Service.

  • Third Party(ies) means a person or entity who or which is neither a Party nor an Affiliate of a Party.

  • Third Party Technology means all Intellectual Property and products owned by third parties and licensed pursuant to Third Party Licenses.

  • Joint Patent Rights means all Patent Rights claiming a Joint Invention.