Key Performance Indicator definition

Key Performance Indicator or “KPI” means the indicators described in Framework Schedule 7 (Key Performance Indicators) used to monitor the supplier performance;
Key Performance Indicator or “KPI” means the key performance indicators specified in the Specification;

Examples of Key Performance Indicator in a sentence

  • Mr Graydon explained that if a patient arrived more than 30 minutes before their appointment, NSL would fail their Key Performance Indicator.

  • The Credit Agreement was amended post-Mid-term Review (MTR) to add a fifth Key Performance Indicator linked to the Fund for Local Environmental Initiatives Fund (FIAL): “75% of FIAL micro-projects funded by the Community Fund (FIAL) each year are considered to have satisfactorily achieved their objectives”.

  • KM cultures include submitting individual training summary, monitoring KM performance among your team, hosting After Action Review (AAR) or Post Project Review (PPR) as contributing to department Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

  • A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is defined by Deru and Torricellini (32) as:a high-level performance metric that is used to simplify complex information and point to the general state or trends of a phenomenon.The use of correct KPIs is fundamental since they are tools to provide a precise measurement of the status of the system in order to simplify and help the process of decision making (14).

  • The WEPCo Performance Report shall include a review of each of the Key Performance Indicators, detailing, in each case, whether or not the relevant Key Performance Indicator has been met together with a summary of the data and scoring supporting each of the Key Performance Indicators (which data and scoring shall be as up to date as reasonably practicable as at the Review Date and in any event shall be up to date as at the date thirty (30) Business Days prior to the Review Date).

More Definitions of Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicator the key performance indicators set out in Table 1 of Part A of Annex 1 of Schedule 2.2 (Performance Levels);
Key Performance Indicator or "KPI” shall mean the performance indicators as specifically set out for providing Laundry Service to the hospitals;
Key Performance Indicator or “KPI” means the key performance indicators
Key Performance Indicator means a Performance Measure identified at the business unit level (or other business level) to reflect growth, productivity or quality, as appropriate, for the business’ key initiatives for the Performance Cycle.
Key Performance Indicator means a yardstick or standard established to 30 measure levels of performance and achievement;
Key Performance Indicator or "KPI" means a measurement/report which is provided by Orange in My Service Space.