Indicated definition

Indicated means "indicated on contract drawings."
Indicated means the report disposition in which there is circumstantial or other isolated indicators of child abuse or neglect lacking confirmation; or a determination by the caseworker that the child may have been abused or neglected based upon completion of an assessment/investigation.
Indicated means a finding that there is credible evidence, which has not been satisfactorily refuted, that abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse did occur.

Examples of Indicated in a sentence

Indicated locations and arrangements were used to size pipe and calculate friction loss, expansion, pump sizing, and other design considerations.

Brief Description of Services Performed or to be Performed and Date(s) of Service, including officer(s), employee(s), or Member(s) contacted, for Payment Indicated in Item 11: (attach Continuation Sheet(s) SF-LLLA, if necessary)15.

Indicated locations and arrangements are used to size pipe and calculate friction loss, expansion, and other design considerations.

Monthly Labor Summary and Activity Reporting System Codes and Formats Indicated below for your reference are the Employee Codes and File Formats required for this system.

United States investors are cautioned not to assume that all or any part of Measured or Indicated Mineral Resources will ever be converted into Mineral Reserves.

More Definitions of Indicated

Indicated means graphic representations, notes, or schedules on drawings, or other requirements in Contract Documents. Words such as “shown’, “noted’, “scheduled”, are used to help locate the reference. No limitation on the location is intended unless specifically noted.
Indicated means “where reasonably implied and necessary in conformance with work specified, drawn, or required for completion.” Words indicate. Drawings indicate. The term "indicated" also is a cross-reference to details, notes or schedules on the drawings, to other paragraphs or schedules in the specifications, and to similar means of recording requirements in the contract documents. Where terms such as "shown," "noted," "scheduled" and "specified" are used in lieu of "indicated," it is for purpose of helping reader locate cross-reference, and no limitation of location is intended except as specifically noted.
Indicated. Means, “where reasonably implied and necessary in conformance with work specified, drawn, or required for completion, including written information and drawings of Contract Documents”.
Indicated means an administrative determination made by the Department of Health and Human Services that an individual or legal entity was a person responsible for a child who was subject toabuse or neglect,” that the abuse or neglect was of low to moderate severity, and that the individual or legal entity poses no threat of harm to children for whom the person might be responsible through employment or volunteer activities. (As provided in section XI.H., the hearing officer in an administrative hearing does not
Indicated and "shown" shall mean as detailed or called for and reasonably implied in the contract documents.