OpCo definition

OpCo has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
OpCo has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
OpCo has the meaning set forth in the Recitals of this Agreement.

Examples of OpCo in a sentence

  • Such communication is lacking for medical assistants.[112] The CPNEFP medical practices website provides useful information, including a list of approved training organizations and details of how the Opco EP will cover the cost.[113] In this respect, however, the mission notes a lack of clear communication on the subject of financing.

  • The Borrower is not party to or subject to any Contract restricting or limiting its ability to repay Indebtedness for Borrowed Money or to receive any Distributions from Opco.

  • The Borrower does not own and is not party to any Contract to acquire, directly or indirectly, any Equity Securities of any Person or acquire or lease any property or assets, other than the Opco Shares and additional Opco Shares acquired after the Execution Date in compliance with Section 9.7, and has not made any advances, loans or extensions of credit to any Person other than under the Intercompany Loan Agreement.

  • None of the Opco Shares is subject to any voting trust, shareholder agreement or voting agreement other than the Opco Shareholders Agreement.

  • If any Distribution in cash is made by Opco to the Borrower from the proceeds of the sale of any property or assets of Opco or any Casualty Event, the Borrower shall make a mandatory repayment of the Loan in an amount equal to such cash Distribution, after deduction of any amount thereof used or reserved to pay interest on the Loan and any Taxes payable by the Borrower in respect of such Distribution, within three (3) Business Days after receipt of such Distribution.

More Definitions of OpCo

OpCo has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
OpCo means Noble Midstream Services, LLC, together with its permitted successors and assigns.
OpCo means Tesoro Logistics Operations LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
OpCo is defined in the Preamble.
OpCo has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph of this Agreement.
OpCo shall have the meaning given in the Recitals hereto.
OpCo means Reorganized CEOC and any successors thereto pursuant to the CEOC Merger, a corporation or limited liability company organized under the laws of Delaware, which on and after the Effective Date will hold, directly or indirectly, all of the Debtors’ assets other than the assets to be owned by the REIT and its subsidiaries (including PropCo and the TRS(s)) or to be distributed to Holders of Claims under the Plan.