Mexico definition

Mexico means the United Mexican States.
Mexico means the Estados Unidos Mexicanos (the United Mexican States) and any branch of power, ministry, department, authority or statutory corporation or other entity (including a trust), owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the Estados Unidos Mexicanos or any of the foregoing or created by law as a public entity.
Mexico means the United Mexican States;

Examples of Mexico in a sentence

  • Appellate Body Report, US – Tuna II (Mexico) (Article 21.5 – Mexico), para.

  • Taxation and Revenue Department of New Mexico, 458 U.S. 354, 102 S.Ct. 3128 (1982); Allied-Signal, Inc.

  • Opening Statement by Mexico at the Second Meeting of the Panel, para.

  • Procise, O’Neil, J.M., Heil, C.A., Bronk, D.A. (2014) Contributions of diazotrophy to nitrogen inputs supporting Karenia brevis blooms in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • An examination of Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina during economic crisis is relevant in explaining the variation in the resulting policy choices made across time and presidency.

More Definitions of Mexico

Mexico means the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos).
Mexico means the United Mexican States, when used in a geographical sense it includes the territory of the United Mexican States, as well as the integrated parts of the Federation, the islands, including the reefs and cays in the adjacent waters, the islands of Xxxxxxxxx and Revillagigedo, the continental shelf and the seabed and sub-soil of the islands, cays and reefs, the waters of the territorial seas and the inland waters and beyond them the areas over which, in accordance with the international law, Mexico may exercise its sovereign rights of exploration and exploitation of the natural resources of the seabed, sub-soil and the supra-xxxxxx xxxxxx, and the air space of the national territory to the extent and under conditions established by international law;
Mexico shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the first paragraph hereof.
Mexico means the United States of Mexico.
Mexico means the United Mexican States. “Nasdaq” means the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC.
Mexico means SunOpta de Mexico, S. de X.X. de C.V., a corporation incorporated under the laws of Mexico, and its successors and permitted assigns.
Mexico means the customs territory of the United Mexican States and foreign trade zones within the territory of Mexico.