Grant Notice definition

Grant Notice means the notice provided to a Participant that he or she has been granted an Award under the Plan and which includes the name of the Participant, the type of Award, the date of grant of the Award, number of shares of Common Stock subject to the Award or potential cash payment right, (if any), the vesting schedule for the Award (if any) and other key terms applicable to the Award.
Grant Notice means the Notice of Grant of Stock Option accompanying this Agreement, pursuant to which Optionee has been informed of the basic terms of the option evidenced hereby.
Grant Notice means the Notice of Restricted Share Unit Award to which these Award Terms are attached as Exhibit A.

Examples of Grant Notice in a sentence

  • In the event of any conflict between the provisions in this Grant Notice, the Option Agreement, or the Prospectus and the terms of the Plan, the terms of the Plan shall control.

  • The shares of Restricted Stock evidenced by this Restricted Stock Award Agreement will vest in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Grant Notice, provided that you have been in Continuous Service from the Date of Grant until the date that such vesting occurs and you otherwise comply with the requirements set forth in this Restricted Stock Award Agreement and the Plan.

  • The terms of your Option as specified in the Grant Notice and this Stock Option Agreement constitute your Option Agreement.

  • Capitalized terms not explicitly defined in this Agreement, but defined in the Grant Notice or the Plan, shall have the meanings set forth in the Grant Notice or Plan, as applicable.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you die during the period provided in Section 3(b) or 3(c) above, the term of your Option shall not expire until the earlier of (i) 18 months after your death, (ii) upon any termination of the Option in connection with a Corporate Transaction, (iii) the Expiration Date indicated in your Grant Notice, or (iv) the day before the 10th anniversary of the Date of Grant.

More Definitions of Grant Notice

Grant Notice means the Notice of Stock Option Award to which these Award Terms are attached as Exhibit A.
Grant Notice means the Grant Notice referred to in Section 1.1 of this Agreement, which Grant Notice is for all purposes a part of the Agreement.
Grant Notice means a written notice evidencing certain terms and conditions of an individual Option grant. The Grant Notice is part of the Option Agreement.
Grant Notice means the notice of an Award granted to the Participant, which sets forth certain terms of such Award.
Grant Notice means with respect to particular Restricted Share Units, a notice substantially in the form of Schedule A and containing such other terms and conditions relating to the grant of such Restricted Share Units as the Committee may prescribe;
Grant Notice means the separate notice given to each Recipient specifying the number of RSUs granted to the Recipient (the “Grant”).
Grant Notice means, in case of a Grant, the information notice sent by the Company to the relevant Beneficiaries in order to inform them of the Grant to them of free Shares by the Company under the 2018 Plan, as set forth in Article 5 of the 2018 Plan (including any applicable exhibits and appendices attached thereto).