Financial Products Sample Clauses

Financial Products. MAEM will enter into financial products (including but not limited to, swaps, contracts for differences, options and weather derivatives) purchased for the Project Companies. The gains and losses arising from such financial products will be borne by the Project Companies, and therefore the costs, including without limitation third party broker costs and transaction fees, and revenues related to such financial products will be charged to or paid to the Project Companies.
Financial Products. In respect of the financial products that we use, we do not restrict ourselves to certain types of products. We will look across a range of products which are called Retail Investment Products, we will also look at Cash ISAs, National Savings Products and structured products as well. We use research tools to select these products using criteria set to meet your needs and will not use pre-determined lists or only a small range of preferred providers. We aim to find the right product to meet your needs on each and every occasion.
Financial Products. In the event that Liberty negotiates an agreement with a third party Provider to allow you to offer Financial Products, you are required to exclusively use such Providers as Liberty designates and to offer Financial Products to your customers.
Financial Products. If reasonably available and feasible (in Liberty’s sole determination), Liberty will offer you the ability to participate in Financial Products. If offered, your participation in Financial Products programs is subject to mutual agreement between you, Liberty and the Financial Products provider.
Financial Products. The parties agree that Jackson Hewitt shall have no right to any fees earned by HSBC (or its Originator) for Financial Products. The parties agree that HSBC (or the Originator) is the sole owner of the loans made under the Program.
Financial Products. The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to enter into, or assume obligations under, (i) any Equity Forward Contracts; or (ii) any Interest Swap Contracts, except the Morgan Contract; nor will the Borrower modify or amend any material term, covenant or condition of the Morgan Contract.
Financial Products. If reasonably available and feasible, we will offer a refund anticipation loan program and/or a means for customers to obtain a quicker refund using electronic filing (collectively “Financial Products”). Your participation in Financial Products, if we offer them, is subject to a mutual agreement being reached between you, us and the Financial Products Provider.
Financial Products. As of the Closing Date, neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries is party to: (i) any Equity Forward Contracts; (ii) any Interest Swap Contracts, except the Morgan Swap Contract; or (iii) any Cash Management Services Contract, except the Wachovia Cash Management Service Contract.
Financial Products. This Agreement provides for the supply and dissemination of the Data to the Customer. This Agreement does not provide for the creation and/or operation of Financial Products. Customers wishing to create and use Financial Products will be required to enter into a separate license agreement with the JSE (JSE Indices Financial Product Agreement) in terms of which licensees are authorised to use the Index and/or Index Series for the purposes of compiling, operating or marketing Financial Products.