(gg) definition

(gg) . Agency’ means the European Union Aviation Safety Agency;”;
(gg) . Warrant Office" shall mean the office or agency of the Corporation at which the Warrant Register shall be maintained and where the Warrants may be presented for exercise, exchange, substitution and transfer, which office or agency will be the office of the Corporation at 200 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10166, which office or agency may be changed by the Corporation pursuant to notice in writing to the Persons named in the Warrant Register as the holders of the Warrants.

Examples of (gg) in a sentence

  • Cars are required to use the following tyres: • 195/50R16 Toyo 888R (GG medium compound only).

  • MAZZEI, R., BERMÚDEZ, G.G., FERNÁNDEZ, A., TORRES, A., BETZ, N., TADEY, D., Grafting of PNIPAAm on PVDF submicroscopic tracks induced by the active sites remainders of the etching process, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 266 (2008) 937–943.

  • Regulation 219 of GG 34113 of 11 March 2011.The above dates are published annually in the Gazette by the Minister and can be found on the National Treasury website.

  • Participants in experiment were divided into four experimental treatments that are labeled by the initials49 I-I, I-G, G-I, and G-G for 32 individual treatments, asymmetric 25, and 27 between groups.

  • Zavalin A.A., Blagoveshchenskaya G.G., Kozhemyakov A.P. V sbornike: Innovatsionno- tekhnologicheskie osnovy razvitiya zemledeliya [In: Innovative technological basis for the devel- opment of agriculture].

More Definitions of (gg)

(gg) . UCC" means the Uniform Commercial Code, as amended from time to time, in effect in the State of Illinois or, if the laws of some other jurisdiction otherwise dictates, then the Uniform Commercial Code, as amended from time to time, as in effect in the jurisdiction whose laws govern the interpretation of the relevant provisions of this Security Agreement.
(gg) . PURCHASER" means e-Auction Belgium N.V., a corporation incorporated under the laws of Belgium.
(gg)  specified country" means a country specified in the Fourth Schedule;'.
(gg) . Maximum Lawful Rate" means the maximum nonusurious rate of interest that may be received, charged or contracted for under Applicable Law from time to time in effect.