DPO definition

DPO means any MSO or HITS operator or DTH operator or IPTV operator which has the relevant license from the appropriate statutory authority to operate its Digital Distribution Platform and is authorized to retransmit signals of satellite television channels through such Digital Distribution Platform.

Examples of DPO in a sentence

  • If staff receive such a request, they must immediately forward it to the DPO.

  • The purchaser shall not be responsible if the bids are delivered elsewhere.f) Venue of Tender Opening: O/o Assistant General Manager (FTTH), O/o GMT, BSNL, DPO Road, Up Hill, Malappuram-676 505 at specified time and date as stated in NIT.

  • The CA firm shall provide principles to be adopted for bifurcation of accounts at DPO level due to formation of 26 districts in Andhra Pradesh.

  • The following documents are required to be submitted offline (i.e. offline submissions) to AGM (FTTH), O/o GMT, BSNL, DPO Road, Up Hill, Malappuram-676 505 on or before the date and time of submission of bids in a sealed envelope.

  • For such matters, in addition to its governing bodies and the IARC/WHO regulatory framework, IARC/WHO seeks guidance from the IARC Ethics Committee and the IARC Data Protection Officer (DPO) as appropriate.

More Definitions of DPO

DPO means Division of Prison Operations.
DPO s STB” means DPO provided and/or DPO authorized set top box (embedded with CAS microchip) installed in the premises of an Active Subscriber that allows such Active Subscriber to receive channel(s) in an unencrypted and descrambled manner through the DPO’s Permitted Digital Distribution Platform (either directly or indirectly through the DPO’s affiliated LCO, as the case may be).