FF definition

FF means “Freedom Fighters” of Haryana.
FF communication to the public” means making any work or performance available for being seen or heard or otherwise enjoyed by the public directly or by any means of display or diffusion other than by issuing physical copies of it, whether simultaneously or at places and times chosen individually, regardless of whether any member of the public actually sees, hears or otherwise enjoys the work or performance so made available.

Examples of FF in a sentence

  • It shall also provide the information required by Section 38.25.4 of Appendix B of this Attachment FF.

  • Franchise Fee Adjustment: Plus an amount for franchise fees calculated in accordance with Rider FF.

  • Rider FF is only applicable to customers inside the corporate limits of any incorporated municipality.

  • Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) numbers are not recognized.

  • The Floodfringe District (FF) is that portion between the regional flood limits and the floodway and displayed as AE Zones on the FIRM.

More Definitions of FF

FF means the inhaled corticosteroid known as Fluticasone Furorate (with the chemical structure as set forth in Attachment 1.23) or an ester, salt or other noncovalent derivative thereof.
FF means federal funds;
FF means the lawful currency of France.
FF means Fox Factory, Inc., a California corporation.
FF. Collector (Appeals)” means a person appointed to be a Collector of Customs (Appeals) under section 3;]”
FF means Freedom Fighter
FF. Health products' means food, drugs, cosmetics, devices, biologicals, vaccines, in-vitro diagnostic reagents and household/urban hazardous substances and/or a combination of and/or a derivative thereof. It shall also refer to products that may have an effect on health which require regulations as determined by the FDA.