(bb) definition

(bb)  ratings indicate that there is a possibility of credit risk developing, particularly as the result of adverse economic change over time. However, business or financial alternatives may be available to allow financial commitments to be met. Securities rated in this category are not investment grade.
(bb)  indicates the least degree of speculation, and "C" the highest. While such obligations will likely have some quality and protective characteristics, these may be outweighed by large uncertainties or major exposures to adverse conditions. BB: Bonds rated "BB" are less vulnerable to nonpayment than other speculative issues. However, these face major ongoing uncertainties or exposure to adverse business, financial, or economic conditions which could lead to the obligor's inadequate capacity to meet its financial commitment on the obligation.

Examples of (bb) in a sentence

  • It was enacted by the Congress in 1977 (12 U.S.C. 2901) and is implemented by Regulation BB (12 CFR 228).

  • The table includes 20 years of mortality improvements using Society of Actuaries Scale BB.

  • Weapon means any firearm, including a BB gun, whether loaded or unloaded, any knife (excluding a small pen or pocket knife), including a switchblade or other knife having an automatic spring release device, a stiletto, any police baton or nightstick or any martial arts weapon or electronic defense weapon.

  • Board of TrusteesPolicies BA, BB series, BD series, and BE seriesTexas law grants the board of trustees the power to govern and oversee the management of the district’s schools.

  • Any pellet, BB gun or other device, whether operational or not, designed to propel projectiles by spring action or compressed air.

More Definitions of (bb)

(bb) . PERSON" means any "person" within the meaning of Sections 13(d) and 14(d) of the Exchange Act.
(bb)  means speculative. “BB” ratings indicate an elevated vulnerability to default risk, particularly in the event of adverse changes in business or economic conditions over time; however, business or financial flexibility exists that supports the servicing of financial commitments.
(bb)  from S&P and "Ba" from Moody's in such amounts as agreed between the Agent and the Borrower from time to time; or
(bb)  or lower from Fitch, (c) "Ba1" or lower from Moody's and (d) "BB+" or lower from S&P.
(bb) . Trading Day" shall mean, with respect to the Common Stock: (i) if the Common Stock is quoted on the NYSE, the NASDAQ National Market System, any similar system of automated dissemination of quotations of securities prices, or the National Quotation Bureau Incorporated, each day on which quotations may be made on such system; or (ii) if the Common Stock is listed or admitted for trading on any national securities exchange, days on which such national securities exchange is open for business; or (iii)~if shares of the Corporation's Common Stock are not quoted on any system or listed or admitted for trading on any securities exchange, a Business Day.
(bb) . Distributor/importer/exporter' means any establishment that imports or exports raw materials, active ingredients and/or finished products for its own use or for wholesale distribution to other establishments or outlets. If the distributor/importer/exporter sells to the general public, it shall be considered a retailer.
(bb) . The first sentence of Section 4.03. shall be amended to read as follows: "As compensation for providing evaluation services under this Indenture, the Evaluator shall receive, in arrears, against a statement or statements therefor submitted to the Trustee monthly or annually an aggregate annual fee equal to the amount specified as compensation for the Evaluator in the Trust Agreement per Unit outstanding as of January 1 of such year except for a Trust during the year or years in which an initial offering period as determined in Section 4.01 of this Indenture occurs, in which case the fee is calculated based on the largest number of Units outstanding during the period for which the compensation is paid (such annual fee to be pro rated for any calendar year in which the Evaluator provides services during less than the whole of such year). Such compensation may, from time to time, be adjusted provided that the total adjustment upward does not, at the time of such adjustment, exceed the percentage of the total increase, after the date hereof, in consumer prices for services as measured by the United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index entitled "All Services Less Rent of Shelter" or similar index, if such index should no longer be published. The consent or concurrence of any Unit holder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase. Such compensation shall be paid by the Trustee, upon receipt of invoice therefor from the Evaluator, upon which, as to the cost incurred by the Evaluator of providing services hereunder the Trustee may rely, and shall be charged against the Income and/or Principal Accounts, in accordance with Section 3.05." CC. Section 5.01 is hereby amended to add the following at the conclusion of the first paragraph thereof: