Further definition

Further the next following paragraph in Section 2.3 shall be amended by adding the following phrase "the Company, with respect to assets for which it has, or has retained investment responsibility" between "shall mean" and "an investment adviser". Section 2.4 shall be amended by deleting from the fourth line of the first paragraph the
Further. Adviser authorizes Sub-Adviser to use Adviser's or the Trust's name in a representative sample of Sub-Adviser's clients for marketing purposes. Adviser understands that Adviser's or the Trust's name may appear in quarterly updates, presentation material and other marketing materials sent to prospective clients, consultants of the Sub-Adviser and other persons. Adviser or Trust may revoke such consent to Sub-Adviser upon written notice at any time and for any reason.
Further if the Agent receives such a "notice of default", the Agent shall give prompt notice thereof to the Lenders.

More Definitions of Further

Further the General Partner has represented that, in the absence of events which are unlikely to occur, the aggregate amount of deductions derived from any Limited Partner's investment in the Partnership, determined without regard to income, will not exceed twice the amount of any such Limited Partner's investment in the Partnership as of the close of any year in the Partnership's first five calendar years. There have been no representations in the Prospectus that are inconsistent with the General Partner's representations regarding the anticipated level of deductions. Based upon the authority of the Regulations under Section 6111 and the representations of the General Partner that, in the absence of events which are unlikely to occur, the "tax shelter ratio" with respect to an investment in the Partnership will not exceed 2 to 1 for any investor as of the close of any year in the Partnership's first five calendar years, it is my opinion that the Partnership is not ABIC Realty Fund I, L.P. Tax Opinion April 30, 2003 11 currently required to register as a tax shelter with the IRS under Section 6111 of the Code prior to the offer and sale of the Units.
Further the Borrower's obligations under the Finance Documents are its unconditional and unsubordinated obligations and rank at least parri passu with all other of its unsubordinated indebtedness.
Further means such Software Programs: o will manage and manipulate data involving dates, including single-century formulas and multi-century formulas and not cause an abnormally ending scenario within the application or result in the generation of incorrect values involving such dates o ensure that all date-related user interface functionality and data fields include the indication of century o ensure that all date-related functions will include the indication of century.
Further means and includes (a) all patent applications filed heretofore or hereafter during the term of this Agreement in any country by INNOVATIVE or any Affiliate of INNOVATIVE, together with any and all United States and foreign patents that have issued or in the future will issue therefrom, and (b) all divisionals, continuations, continuations-in-part, reexaminations, reissues, renewals, substitutions, confirmations, registrations, revalidations, extensions or additions to any such patents and patent applications and patents issuing thereon; all to the extent and only to the extent that INNOVATIVE or any Affiliate of INNOVATIVE now has or hereafter will have the right to grant licenses or other rights thereunder. INNOVATIVE Patent Rights as of the Effective Date are set forth as Exhibit A to this Agreement and such Exhibit shall be updated on an annual basis.
Further the last sentence of Section 2.1 of the Plan shall be amended to read as follows: "For purposes of this Section 2.1 and Section 2.2, the Participant's Base Salary for each of Fiscal Years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 shall be deemed to be $1,500,000."
Further. This individual contract is made pursuant to and subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement between the Laurel Unified Education Association – Certified Unit and the Board of Trustees, and to the extent that the provisions of this contract and said agreement may be inconsistent, the provisions of said Agreement shall be controlling. Date EMPLOYEE Date CHAIRPERSON, BOARD OF TRUSTEES Date DISTRICT CLERK
Further means the award criteria set out in Part A of DPS Schedule Competition Award Criteria" 6 (Award Criteria);