Birth parent definition

Birth parent means the child's biological parent and, for purposes of adoptive placement, means parent(s) by previous adoption.
Birth parent means the biological mother or father of a child.

Examples of Birth parent in a sentence

  • Adoptive parents may also contact birth relatives to help their children with specific issues of grief and loss.▪ Birth parent reassurance.

More Definitions of Birth parent

Birth parent means a biological parent or, in the case of a person previously adopted, an adoptive parent.
Birth parent means either:
Birth parent means each person who holds a legally recognized parental relationship to the child but does not include the adoptive parents in the adoption arranged by the adoption agency.
Birth parent means the woman who gave birth to a child, any man alleged by that woman to be the biological father of that child, or any man presumed by law or judicially determined to be the biological father of that child.
Birth parent means, in relation to a child or adoptee —
Birth parent means the person who is the biological parent of an adoptee and who is named as the parent on the original birth certificate of the adoptee.[PL 2007, c. 409, §5 (NEW); PL 2007, c. 409, §6 (AFF).]
Birth parent means the biological parent of an adopted person.