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Exploration Licences means the exploration licences identified in Annexure "A" to this Agreement;
Exploration Licences means those exploration licences listed in Annexure C (and, where the context requires, an exploration license granted pursuant to an Exploration Licence Application) and includes all other mining tenements granted or applied for under the Mining Act upon renewal or in substitution, variation or extension thereof.
Exploration Licences means those certain exploration licences acquired by Orca from Kinross, including the Morondo Exploration Permit, pursuant to the Kinross Purchase Agreement dated January 30, 2017, as amended on June 26, 2018, between Red Back Mining No 2 (Ghana) Limited, Tasiast Mauritanie Limited, Ghazal Resources Inc. and Orca.

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Mongolian legal counsel has advised that there is no legal impediment to converting such Exploration Licences to 70-year Mining Licences with a corresponding 70-year Mining Period subject to compliance with the Minerals Law.

The details of the Exploration Licences are summarized in the table below: The Exploration LicencesLicence(Licence no.) LocationMine Area (Hectare)* Licence dateLicence validperiod#8976XWestern Mongolia26,033December 17, 20049 years8994XWestern Mongolia39December 20, 20049 years11628XWestern Mongolia3519April 3, 20069 years11724XWestern Mongolia2112April 28, 20069 years Total Hectares 31,703 * (Note: 1 Hectare = 10,000 square metres.

The Exploration Licences have a 9-year duration from their respective licence dates as set out below.

Exploration leasesAs at 30 June 2016 the Group held Exploration Licences over 52 tenements.

That is an area of 100m x 100m).# The Exploration Licences are for 3 years with two further extensions of 3 years.

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Exploration Licences means the six contiguous exploration licenses (Zara Central comprising Zara 1, 2, 3 and 4, Zara North and Zara South) granted on 25 November 2010.
Exploration Licences means the four (4) exploration licences of the Mining Company and related Exploration Rights as set out in A2 of this announcement.
Exploration Licences means the exploration licences held or applied for alone by Newmont pursuant to the Mining Act 1980 within the Agreement Area at any given time during the Term; Granites Exploration Agreement means the agreement made on the 17th day of May 1994 between the Territory and North Flinders Mines Limited as ratified by the Granites Exploration Agreement Ratification Act 1994 of the Territory on 12 September 1994; hold in relation to an Exploration Licence means where Newmont alone is the holder shown in the register established by a mining registrar under Regulation 30 of the Mining Regulations and held shall have a corresponding meaning; Mining Act means the Mining Act 1980 of the Territory.
Exploration Licences means Exploration Licence Nos 23486, 23655, 23888, 23923, 23924 and 23991 or any numbers substituted thereof granted by the Minister for Mines and Energy and any tenement substituted or replaced thereof.
Exploration Licences means the interest which the Seller has (if any) in Exploration Licence EL858 and Exploration Licence EL454, both being in the vicinity of the Porgera Mine in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.
Exploration Licences has the meaning set forth in Exhibit “C”;
Exploration Licences means Exploration Licence Nos 23486, 23655, 23888, 23923, 23924 and 23991 or any numbers substituted thereof granted by the Minister for Mines and Energy