Licences definition

Licences means the licences that Ofgem gives us to supply gas and/or electricity details of which can be found at WORK/Pages/licence-conditions-consolidated.aspx;

Examples of Licences in a sentence

  • However, if the Bidder imports the stores in question against his own commercial quota Import Licences, he will also be required to submit in addition the triplicate copy of bills of entry etc.

  • Licences to be produced for inspection The driver of a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in bulk by road must produce his or her licence for inspection by an authorized officer, if the officer asks the driver to produce the licence for inspection.

  • Licences are not automatically granted by virtue of a valid planning consent and it may be possible that the necessary licence application may be refused.Nesting Birds In addition the applicant should be made aware of the possible presence of nesting birds using the buildings and the protection afforded to them.

  • Therefore, all such contractors will be required to obtain Licences directly from the State Food Safety Authorities.8Bidders must ensures that rate quoted in the Price Bid must be written in figures as well as in words at right place.9All the documents being submitted by the bidders must be in legible form.

  • An additional 2 Exploration Licences have been applied for and complete coverage of the Bonaparte Shelf Margin where widespread Mississippi Valley Type Zinc-Lead-Silver mineralisation has been identified along a 50 kilometre strike length.

More Definitions of Licences

Licences means and include all licenses consents approvals and/or sanctions which have to be obtained and granted by the concerned authorities for undertaking the said housing project;
Licences means any public law permits for operation of telecommunications/cable systems or provision of telecommunications and/or broadcasting services from BNetzA, RegTP as predecessor of BNetzA or any other relevant national public authority (as applicable). Licence(s) shall, for the avoidance of doubt, also mean any notifications required for the operation of telecommunications networks or the provision of telecommunications services under Section 6 of the German Telecommunications Act (as amended from time to time) or any other comparable national laws to be issued to the BNetzA or any other relevant public authority (as applicable) in any relevant townships (as the case may be).
Licences means those licences granted by the Secretary of State:
Licences means all licences, permissions, certificates and consents required for the Business to be lawfully conducted from the Property including: