Exclusive Licensed Marks definition

Exclusive Licensed Marks means the following Trademarks: and , as identified on Exhibit A.
Exclusive Licensed Marks means the following Trademarks: 新浪乐居及图(含网址), 新浪乐居及图,新浪家居及图(含网址)and新浪家居及图 as identified on Exhibit A.
Exclusive Licensed Marks means the following Trademarks:

Examples of Exclusive Licensed Marks in a sentence

  • The Settlement Agreement additionally confers upon Opposer a power to enforce its rights in the Exclusive Licensed Marks in the event of certain conditions precedent.

  • The menu units would stand a maximum of 2.293m in height and span between 0.83m to 2.52m in width.

  • Re 2Chairman of the Board, Michael Wolff Jensen, and/or Chief Executive Officer, Jan Møller Mikkelsen will report on the Company’s activities for the year ended December 31, 2019.

Related to Exclusive Licensed Marks

  • Licensed Marks means the Localized Game Marks and such other trademarks expressly authorized in writing by Shengqu to be used by the Licensees.

  • Licensed Trademarks means the trademarks, service marks, trade dress, logos and other icons or indicia designated by SCEA in the SourceBook 2 or other Guidelines for use on or in connection with Licensed Products. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall in any way grant Publisher the right to use the trademark "Sony" in any manner. SCEA may amend such Licensed Trademarks from time to time in the SourceBook 2 or other Guidelines or upon written notice to Publisher.

  • Exclusive License has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Product Marks shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.4.

  • Licensed Field of Use means all fields.

  • Licensed IP Rights means, collectively, the Licensed Patent Rights and the Licensed Know-How Rights.

  • exclusive licence means a licence from the proprietor of or applicant for a patent conferring on the licensee, or on him and persons authorised by him, to the exclusion of all other persons (including the proprietor or applicant), any right in respect of the invention to which the patent or application relates, and “exclusive licensee” and “non-exclusive licence” shall be construed accordingly;

  • Company Licensed IP means all Intellectual Property rights owned or purported to be owned by a third party and licensed to the Company or any Company Subsidiary or to which the Company or any Company Subsidiary otherwise has a right to use.

  • Licensed Field means all fields of use.

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Licensed IP means the Licensed Patents and the Licensed Know-How.

  • Licensed Fields of Use means the fields of use identified in Appendix B.

  • Product Trademarks means the trademarks, service marks, accompanying logos, trade dress and indicia of origin used in connection with the distribution, marketing, Promotion and sale of each Licensed Product in the Territory. For purposes of clarity, the term Product Trademarks shall not include the corporate names and logos of either Party and shall include any internet domain names incorporating such Product Trademarks.

  • Licensed User means a natural person employed by or under contract to Licensee who is assigned a unique and fixed user account to consume one license to use the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application, under this License Agreement, regardless of whether such individual is actively using the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application at any given time. Licenses for Licensed Users are priced on a per seat or site subscription basis.

  • Licensed Technology means the Licensed Patents and the Licensed Know-How.

  • End User License Agreement means a license grant or end user license agreement governing software as further described in this Agreement or any applicable Appendix.

  • Exclusive Territory means (1) the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana; and

  • Licensor Technology means the Licensor Patents and the Licensor Know-How.

  • Field of Use means all fields of use.

  • Company Licensed Intellectual Property means Intellectual Property Rights owned by any Person (other than a Group Company) that is licensed to any Group Company.

  • Product Trademark means (a) any trademark or trade name, whether or not registered, or any trademark application, renewal, extension or modification thereto, in the Territory, or any trade dress and packaging, that is applied to or used with Products by Xxxxxx and (b) all goodwill associated therewith, and any promotional materials relating thereto.

  • Research License means a nontransferable, nonexclusive license to make and to use the Licensed Products or the Licensed Processes as defined by the Licensed Patent Rights for purposes of research and not for purposes of commercial manufacture or distribution or in lieu of purchase.

  • Licensee Technology means the Licensee Know-How and Licensee Patents.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Licensed Patents means (a) all United States patents and patent applications listed in Exhibit A, as modified pursuant to Section 2.6.1, including patents arising from such patent applications; and (b) any re-examination certificates thereof, and their foreign counterparts and extensions, continuations, divisionals, and re-issue applications; provided that “Licensed Patents” will not include any claim of a patent or patent application covering any Manufacturing Technology.

  • Licensed Use means the Licensor’s permitted use of the Licensed Data under the PSGA Member Licence. Login Details means the unique identifiers assigned to the Licensor when it entered into the PSGA Member Licence enabling access to the On-Line Ordering Service. On-Line Ordering Service means the service accessed by entering the Licensor’s Login Details where indicated on OS’s Website. OS means Ordnance Survey Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 09121572) whose registered address is at Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx, XXXXXXXXXXX, XX00 0XX. OS Data means Data (including but not limited to Licensed Data) which OS owns or which OS licenses from a third party (including but not limited to the Crown).