Eligible Instruments definition

Eligible Instruments means monetary assets, money market instruments and securities that are payable in Dollars only and essentially risk free as to collection of principal and interest, including U.S. Government Obligations.
Eligible Instruments is defined in the Base Indenture.
Eligible Instruments means U.S. Government Obligations.

Examples of Eligible Instruments in a sentence

  • Establishing a Trade Finance Facility for the purpose of de-risking importation of Critical Commodities, by providing contingent financing to Correspondent Banks to backstop or guarantee the payment obligations of the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) to the Correspondent Banks in case of occurrence of an Eligible Event or the PFIs default on their payment of Lines of Credit or other Eligible Instruments issued by the Correspondent Banks to the PFIs for importation of Critical Commodities.

More Definitions of Eligible Instruments

Eligible Instruments means securities, money market instruments, foreign exchange instruments, derivatives, or other instruments of like nature, as may be specified by the Reserve Bank from time to time under section 45 W of Chapter III-D of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.
Eligible Instruments means the Instruments, each in substantially the form of Exhibit "A" hereto, entered into by and between ----------- Borrower and those Persons who purchase a Time-Share Interest (at least 90% of whom shall be United States or Canadian residents), which Eligible Instruments shall conform to the criteria and standards set forth on Exhibit "B" hereto; ----------- provided, however, that an Instrument shall cease to be an Eligible Instrument if (i) any installment payable thereunder becomes more than 59 days past due and the Instrument under which such installment is payable is not replaced within ninety (90) days following the due date of such installment or (ii) the contract fails to continue to conform to the criteria and standards of Exhibit "B". -----------
Eligible Instruments means all Instruments drawn in your favour and payable with us that are deposited or delivered to us.
Eligible Instruments. As set out in a schedule to be agreed (or such other instruments approved by the Fronting Banks). Currency: Hedging Support LCs may be issued in US$ only. Utilisation: The New Hedging Support Facility may be used to provide Hedging Support LCs, issued by the Fronting Banks. The New Hedging Support Facility may not be drawn in cash. Utilisation of the New Hedging Support Facility will be coordinated through the Facility Agent, with the issuance of a Hedging Support LC to an Acceptable Beneficiary (for a programme of trades) being requested by submission of a utilisation request, but the issuance of the relevant Hedging Support LC will be first agreed by the Borrower with the relevant Fronting Bank on the basis of the conditions set out below. A request for a Hedging Support LC must only be for the purposes as set out in Purpose above, and for no other purpose.
Eligible Instruments is defined in Section 8.01.
Eligible Instruments means registered securities and such other readily marketable securities which the Commission may, from time to time, approve or authorize.
Eligible Instruments means U.S. Government Obligations which are deemed eligible under Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 76, Extinguishment of Debt, as amended from time to time, or any successor statement or pronouncement.