Eligible Claimant definition

Eligible Claimant means a person who:
Eligible Claimant means a medical provider that provides a sexual abuse examination to a sexual assault victim. The following are eligible to file a claim with the crime victim assistance program in the event that they have made payment to a medical provider for the costs of a sexual abuse examination:
Eligible Claimant means a person that claims an exemption for eligible personal property.

Examples of Eligible Claimant in a sentence

  • If an Eligible Claimant becomes aware that they have submitted incorrect bank account information, the Eligible Claimant must immediately notify the Promoter of the Eligible Claimant's error and provide correct bank account information.

  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility should an Eligible Claimant fail to receive Qantas Points because of a failure to notify the Promoter of correct details or of a change to those details, or for otherwise providing incorrect information.

  • An Eligible Claimant may make an unlimited number of Eligible Claims, and may make only one Eligible Claim in respect of each Purchase.

  • If an EFT is made to a bank account which was erroneously submitted by an Eligible Claimant, the Promoter will attempt to reverse the EFT, which, if reversed, will be credited to the Promoter, which will then make an EFT to the Eligible Claimant's resubmitted bank account.

  • The Eligible Claimant may need to allow further time for the funds to be cleared by their bank.

More Definitions of Eligible Claimant

Eligible Claimant means an individual (1) who has suffered personal injury or death caused by the rupture or aggressive deployment of a Takata phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN) airbag inflator (the “PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction”; (2) who was at the time the PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction occurred (a) in a vehicle located or registered in the United States, its territories or its possessions, or (b) a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (wherever the PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction occurred); and (3) who has not already resolved his or her claim against Takata Corporation and/or any of its affiliates.
Eligible Claimant means a Person who, as of the Execution Date:
Eligible Claimant means a person that owns, leases, or is in the possession of eligible personal property.
Eligible Claimant means a natural person or the Legal Representative(s) thereof:
Eligible Claimant and "Eligible Class Member" means any Class Member who receives the benefit of any injunctive relief pursuant to this Consent Decree and/or a monetary award from the Settlement Fund under the terms of a Distribution Formula approved by the Court. "Eligible Claimant" and "Eligible Class Member" specifically exclude any Class Member who previously executed a valid and enforceable release of his/her Eligible Claims, unless such release specifically provides for recovery under this Consent Decree.