Eligible Claimant definition

Eligible Claimant means a person who:
Eligible Claimant means a medical provider that provides a sexual abuse examination to a sexual assault victim. The following are eligible to file a claim with the crime victim assistance program in the event that they have made payment to a medical provider for the costs of a sexual abuse examination:
Eligible Claimant means an individual (1) who has suffered personal injury or death caused by the rupture or aggressive deployment of a Takata phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN) airbag inflator (the “PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction”; (2) who was at the time the PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction occurred (a) in a vehicle located or registered in the United States, its territories or its possessions, or (b) a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (wherever the PSAN Airbag Inflator Malfunction occurred); and (3) who has not already resolved his or her claim against Takata Corporation and/or any of its affiliates.

Examples of Eligible Claimant in a sentence

  • Class Representatives, Class Counsel, Tyco, Tyco’s agents, and Tyco’s Counsel shall not in any way encourage any objections to the Settlement (or any of its terms or provisions) or encourage any Eligible Claimant to elect to opt out.

  • Any Eligible Claimant that wishes to object to the Settlement or to an award of fees or expenses to Class Counsel must file a written and signed statement designated “Objection” with the Clerk of the Court and provide service on Tyco and Class Counsel in accordance with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.

  • There are two categories of compensation that may be payable to an Eligible Claimant.

  • The Opt Out Administrator, the Notice Administrator, the Claims Administrator, the Special Master, Tyco’s Counsel and Class Counsel will have access to each Request for Exclusion that an Eligible Claimant timely and properly submits via the Opt Out portal or by paper submission.

  • Any Eligible Claimant that wishes to opt out of the Settlement must complete a Request for Exclusion, in a form substantially similar to the one attached as Exhibit I.

More Definitions of Eligible Claimant

Eligible Claimant means a person that claims an exemption for eligible personal property.
Eligible Claimant means a Class Member who complies fully with the claims submission requirements set forth in Paragraph 4.03 below, including the requirements of timely and complete submission.
Eligible Claimant means a Claimant who has submitted a valid and timely Claim Form as determined by the Settlement Administrator subject to all rights of the Parties under the Settlement Agreement.
Eligible Claimant means a Class Member who the Claims Administrator has identified as being entitled to receive settlement benefits, as described in this Distribution Protocol.
Eligible Claimant means a person who is eligible to bring a claim for compensation under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in accordance with the rules of the FCA.
Eligible Claimant means a Person who, as of the Execution Date:
Eligible Claimant means a person that owns, leases, or is in the possession of eligible personal property.