Eligible Asset definition

Eligible Asset. An Asset:
Eligible Asset means any asset which is of a type and, where applicable, has a maturity as listed on Annex I hereto, subject, in each case, to the Concentration Policy and Minimum Credit Rating (as applicable).
Eligible Asset. On any date of determination, each Asset (A) for which the Administrative Agent, Collateral Custodian and Backup Servicer have received the following no later than 2:00 p.m. (New York City, New York time) on the day prior to the related Funding Date: (1) a faxed copy of the duly executed original promissory note, master purchase agreement and purchase statements, Loan Register and Asset Checklist, as applicable, in a form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and, with respect to any Loans closed in escrow, a certificate (in the form of Exhibit L) from the counsel to the Originator or the Obligor of such Loans certifying the possession of the Required Asset Documents; provided that notwithstanding the foregoing, the Required Asset Documents (including any UCCs included in the Required Asset Documents) shall be in the possession of the Collateral Custodian within two Business Days of any related Funding Date as to any Additional Assets; (2) a Borrowing Notice delivered by the Seller to the Collateral Custodian and the Administrative Agent as part of the Borrowing Notice or Monthly Report delivered by the Servicer; (3) a Borrowing Base Certificate; and (4) a Certificate of Assignment (Exhibit A to the Sale Agreement, including Schedule I thereto); provided that if such Asset is part of a capital contribution to the Seller the Collateral Custodian shall have received the Required Asset Documents within three Business Days of receipt of the Certificate of Assignment and (B) that satisfies each of the following eligibility requirements, as applicable:

Examples of Eligible Asset in a sentence

  • Any Person (a) into which the Asset Representations Reviewer is merged or consolidated, (b) resulting from any merger or consolidation to which the Asset Representations Reviewer is a party, (c) which acquires substantially all of the assets of the Asset Representations Reviewer, or (d) succeeding to the business of the Asset Representations Reviewer, which Person is an Eligible Asset Representations Reviewer, will be the successor to the Asset Representations Reviewer under this Agreement.

  • It will notify the Issuer and the Servicer promptly if it is not, or on the occurrence of any action that would result in it not being, an Eligible Asset Representations Reviewer.

  • Following the resignation or removal of the Asset Representations Reviewer under Section 5.1, the Issuer will engage as the successor Asset Representations Reviewer a Person that is an Eligible Asset Representations Reviewer.

  • The Asset Representations Reviewer is an Eligible Asset Representations Reviewer.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Borrower may, at any time retain the Initial Valuation Agent to undertake a valuation report (the “Valuation Report”) with respect to any Borrowing Base Eligible Asset (the Assigned Value in such Valuation Report, the “Initial Valuation”).

More Definitions of Eligible Asset

Eligible Asset means any asset of the U.S. branch or U.S. agency held in the United States that is recorded on the general ledger of a U.S. branch orU.S. agency of the foreign banking or- ganization (reduced by the amount of any specifically allocated reserves held in the United States and recorded on the general ledger of the U.S. branch orU.S. agency in connection with such assets), subject to the following exclu- sions, and, for purposes of this defini- tion, as modified by the rules of valu- ation set forth in paragraph (a)(1)(ii) of this section.
Eligible Asset shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the Side Letter.
Eligible Asset means Moody's Eligible Asset (if Moody's is then rating the APS) and/or any asset included in the calculations used by any Rating Agency then rating the APS for purposes of determining such Rating Agency's rating on the APS, as applicable.
Eligible Asset. A Mortgage Asset which as of any date of determination:
Eligible Asset means an asset of a nonutility affiliate that is used for any of the following:
Eligible Asset means a Mortgage Loan, including a Wet-Ink Mortgage Loan, (i) as to which the representations and warranties in Schedule 1 attached hereto are true and correct, (ii) which is underwritten strictly in accordance with the Underwriting Guidelines of Seller, and (iii) which is secured by a Residential Dwelling.
Eligible Asset means assets of the Borrowers and their wholly owned Subsidiaries that are debt obligations of Persons other than the Borrowers or their Affiliates, provided they meet the following conditions as determined by Administrative Agent and as certified by a Responsible Officer of the Borrowers: