Critical Components definition

Critical Components means a component or system of components that, due to their importance in the continued proper operation of the device, have been designated by the manufacturer as requiring special fabrication, maintenance, inspection or operation.
Critical Components means hardware and software required to conduct limited mobile gaming. Critical components do not include the MGD acting as a display only.
Critical Components means those certain materials specified in Exhibit E attached hereto.

Examples of Critical Components in a sentence

  • Specific details on the Critical Components will be provided at the Pre-Season Coaches Meeting.

  • Information collected should also be descriptive of family dynamics when there is intimate partner violence (see Appendix B of this operating procedure, Mapping the Safe and Together Model Critical Components to the Information Domains).

  • Sigmon et al., Adjudication Partnerships: Critical Components, (see note 7) p.

  • Coordinating Care in the Medical Neighborhood: Critical Components and Available Mechanisms.

  • Self-Monitoring of Critical Components Event wagering systems shall perform a self-authentication process on all critical components contained on an event wagering system upon initial installation of the software and every twenty-four (24) hours thereafter.

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Critical Components means any Raw Materials which are critical to the Processing of Products hereunder and are either (a) subject to ordering lead times from suppliers which are significantly longer than those customary in the industry for raw materials or other components of a similar nature or (b) available for purchase in the quantities necessary for the Processing of Products in the quantities specified in the Rolling Forecast hereunder from fewer than three (3) reputable qualified suppliers.
Critical Components means the requirements set forth on Schedule K (Critical Components).
Critical Components any component or sub-components of the SILVERSPRING UIQ system that has a critical role in either the operation of the AMI Project’s network, meter reading, event notification, outage, or connect / disconnect. Samples of critical components are to include but not limited to;
Critical Components means a component or system of components that their importance is lowNote: Satisfactory rating - 3 points, Unsatisfactory - below 3 pointsYou can ask you teacher for the answer key Instruction SheetLG36: Apply maintenance procedures This learning guide is developed to provide you the necessary information regarding the following content coverage and topics – Identifying Equipment and software to be maintained and implemented Identifying Vendor documentation, peer organizations or research information Obtaining user Requirements Documenting maintenance procedureThis guide will also assist you to attain the learning outcome stated in the cover page. Specifically, upon completion of this Learning Guide, you will be able to – Identify Equipment and software to be maintained and implemented processes to ensure future acquisitions of equipment and software.  Identify Vendor documentation, peer organizations or research information detailing best practices in equipment and software maintenance to improve system performance and reliability. Obtain Requirements from user in the area of equipment maintenance and reliability.  Document Procedures for maintenance based upon best practices. Learning Activities1. 1. Read the specific objectives of this Learning Guide.2. Follow the instructions described below 3 to 6. 3. Read the information written in the information “Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 , Sheet 4, sheet 5” in page -1-7,9-12, 14-15,17,20-23.
Critical Components means the hardware, software, technology, or other equipment of any kind determined by the Commission to be necessary for the conduct of Internet Gaming, and located within the Second Senatorial District.
Critical Components means any Component that are identified by SUPPLIER and designated as Critical Components in the BOM or otherwise specified as Critical. SUPPLIER and BUYER shall agree separately how to purchase or order the Critical Components in Appendix 2.
Critical Components has the meaning assigned to that term in the Operation and Maintenance Agreement.