Accrual Components definition

Accrual Components. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Accrual Components. Not applicable.

Examples of Accrual Components in a sentence

  • Safiq, et al (2016) in their study of Prediction of Future Cash Flow through Earnings Persistence and Accrual Components, found that earnings persistence has a positive effect on future cash flows, but the balance sheet accrual component consisting of changes in accounts receivable, changes in inventory and changes in debt only affects partially.

  • INTRODUCTION 6-1 6.1.2 Defining a Discount Accrual Fee Class 6-16.1.3 Associating Discount Accrual Components to Products 6-36.1.4 Events and Accounting Entries for Discount Accrual 6-56.1.5 Specifying Status Change Details for Discount Accrual 6-76.1.6 Processing for Discount Accrual Fees.

  • Class 1-A-5, Class 1-A-6 and Class 1-A-7 Certificates Accrual Components...........

  • Accrual Components Factor (X3), has a tcount of 3.026 and a significant level of 0.003.

  • Except as provided below in the case of the Accrual Components, interest on each Class of interest-bearing Trust Fund Certificates for the related Interest Accrual Period at the applicable Interest Rate shall be distributed on each applicable Distribution Date.

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Accrual Components. Components 1A-7-1 and 1A-7-2 of the Class 1A-7 Certificates.
Accrual Components. Component A-5-2 of the Class A-5 Certificates and Component A-11-2 of the Class A-11 Certificates.
Accrual Components. The Class A-10 Components D, F and H.
Accrual Components. As specified in the Preliminary Statement. ------------------ Adjusted Mortgage Rate: As to each Mortgage Loan, and at any ------------------------ time, the per annum rate equal to the Mortgage Rate less the Master Servicing Fee Rate.
Accrual Components. The Class I-A-7A, Class I-A-7B and Class I-A-7E Components.
Accrual Components. The Class A-19 PAC I Component and the Class A-19 TAC Component.
Accrual Components. The Class A-8 Scheduled Accrual Component and the Class A-9 Scheduled Accrual Component.