Accrual Components definition

Accrual Components. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Accrual Components. Not applicable.
Accrual Components. As specified in the Preliminary Statement. ------------------

Examples of Accrual Components in a sentence

An Analysis of the Theories and Explanations Offered for the Mispricing of Accruals and Accrual Components.

The Effect of Net Income and Accrual Components on Cash Flow in Future Operating Activities (Pg. 5).

Unauthorized use of the vehicle by the driver/service provider will lead to unilateral termination of the contract with immediate effect.

Safiq, et al (2016) in their study of Prediction of Future Cash Flow through Earnings Persistence and Accrual Components, found that earnings persistence has a positive effect on future cash flows, but the balance sheet accrual component consisting of changes in accounts receivable, changes in inventory and changes in debt only affects partially.

Capability of Net Earnings, Historical Operating Cash Flow and Accrual Components in Predicting Cash Flows for Operating Activities in the Future.

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Accrual Components. Component A-5-2 of the Class A-5 Certificates and Component A-11-2 of the Class A-11 Certificates.
Accrual Components. Components 1A-7-1 and 1A-7-2 of the Class 1A-7 Certificates.
Accrual Components. The Class I-A-7A, Class I-A-7B and Class I-A-7E Components.
Accrual Components. The Class A-19 PAC I Component and the Class A-19 TAC Component.
Accrual Components. The Class A-8 Scheduled Accrual Component and the Class A-9 Scheduled Accrual Component.
Accrual Components. As specified in the Prospectus Supplement.