Crisis intervention definition

Crisis intervention means the implementation of a service, support, or strategy to immediately stabilize a crisis and prevent the crisis from reoccurring after the crisis ends.
Crisis intervention means a service, lasting less than 24 hours, to or on behalf of a beneficiary for a condition which requires more timely response than a regularly scheduled visit. Service activities may include but are not limited to assessment, collateral and therapy. Crisis intervention is distinguished from crisis stabilization by being delivered by providers who are not eligible to deliver crisis stabilization or who are eligible, but deliver the service at a site other than a provider site that has been certified by the department or a Mental Health Plan to provide crisis stabilization.

Examples of Crisis intervention in a sentence

  • Increase the percentage of staff members trained in NCI (Non-violent Crisis Intervention) DepartmentSummary of Action Plan WorkPupil Services - Mrs.

  • Increase the percentage of staff members trained in NCI (Non-violent Crisis Intervention) Measurement for Completion:50% based on evidence supporting percent completion of Action Plans 50% based on meeting targets identified in QCSD Metrics for:(a.) Tier 1 or Tier 2 Benchmarks of Quality score and (b.) Number of events offered, and (c.) NCI training Summary of Progress: 2-1a.

  • Holden In the spring of 2009, the Residential Child Care Project will release the 6th edition of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention curriculum.

  • Johanna Downey, Executive Director of Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center (PCIRC) stated that she wanted to introduce herself to the Board and Trustees and let it know that she looks forward to working closely with Feather River Community College in the near future to help support, supplement, and complement services that it provides to students, faculty, and staff.

  • The Quoter must have the ability to complete a Crisis Intervention Evaluation and Report, contract line item number (CLIN) 6000, within 24 hours of the request made by CTS staff.

More Definitions of Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention means an immediately available service to meet the psychological, physiological and environmental needs of individuals who are experiencing a mental health and/or substance abuse crisis.
Crisis intervention means those services which respond to an alcohol or other drug user's needs during acute emotional or physical distress;
Crisis intervention means services provided to an individual in crisis to stabilize an individual's emotions, clar- ify issues, and provide support and assistance to help explore options for resolution of the individual's immediate crisis and needs.
Crisis intervention means services that respond to a substance abuser’s needs during acute episodes that may involve physical distress.
Crisis intervention means a face-to-face contact between a therapist or counselor and a beneficiary in crisis. Services shall focus on alleviating crisis problems. “Crisis” means an actual relapse or an unforeseen event or circumstance which presents to the beneficiary an imminent threat of relapse. Crisis intervention services shall be limited to stabilization of the beneficiary's emergency situation.
Crisis intervention means one of the three emergency assistance components offered by the Energy Assistance Program. Crisis intervention assists households whose gross annual income exceeds the income limit except for allowable qualifying expenses for a crisis, which reduces the annual income to the income limit or less.