Covered Employer definition

Covered Employer means the City of Cambridge or a Beneficiary of Assistance.
Covered Employer means any public or private elementary or secondary school(s) regardless of the number of employees employed.
Covered Employer means an employer who employs six or more individuals in the state of Oregon for each working day through each of 20 or more calendar workweeks in the year in which the eligible employee takes leave to address domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking, or in the year immediately preceding the year in which an eligible employee takes leave for domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking.

Examples of Covered Employer in a sentence

  • Upon signing any subcontracts, the Covered Employer shall forward a copy of the subcontract to the Applicable Department.

  • For a hardship waiver, the Community Advisory Board shall offer an opportunity to be heard to employees of the Covered Employer.

  • All Hardship Waiver requests shall include the following:(1) The nature of the Assistance to which this Chapter applies;(2) A detailed explanation of why payment of the Living Wage would cause a substantial hardship to the Covered Employer; and(3) A statement of proposed wages below the Living Wage.

  • Applicable Department may apply to the City Manager for a waiver of the application of the Living Wage to the contract where payment of the Living Wage by a Covered Employer would make it inordinately expensive for the City to contract for the services or would result in a significant loss of services, because the contracted work cannot be segregated from the other work of the Covered Employer.

  • A Covered Employer shall not discharge, reduce the compensation or otherwise retaliate against any employee for making a complaint to the City, otherwise asserting his or her rights under this Chapter, participating in any of its proceedings or using any civil remedies to enforce his or her rights under the Chapter.

More Definitions of Covered Employer

Covered Employer means, after June 30, 2009, with respect to
Covered Employer means a contractor/vendor or grantee that has not been granted an exemption from this Chapter pursuant to Section 1:817.
Covered Employer means the City of Cambridge or a Beneficiary of Assistance, but does not include a Covered Building Services Employer.
Covered Employer means an individual who:
Covered Employer means any person or individual, including successors in interest of a covered employer, engaged in any business or enterprise in California who directly employs 50 or more persons20 or more persons for purposes of the NPLA, or 50 or more persons for purposes of the CFRA, within any state of the United States, the District of Columbia or any territory or possession of the United States to perform services for a wage or salary. It also includes the state of California, counties, and any other political or civil subdivision of the state and cities, regardless of the number of employees. There is no requirement that the 20 employees (for purposes of the NPLA) or 50 employees (for purposes of the CFRA) work at the same location or work full-time. “Employer” as used in these regulations means “covered employer.”
Covered Employer means an employer described in ORS 659A.153.
Covered Employer means, after June 30, 2009, with respect to whether the employer is an employer whose employees are eligible for benefits during periods of family temporary disability leave pursuant to P.L.1948, c.110 (C.43:21-25 et al.), and, after December 31, 2008, whether employees of the employer are required to make contributions pursuant to R.S.43:21-7(d)(1)(G)(ii), any individual or type of organization, including any partnership, association, trust, estate, joint-stock company, insurance company or domestic or foreign corporation, or the receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, trustee or successor thereof, or the legal representative of a deceased person, who is an employer subject to the "unemployment compensation law" (R.S.43:21-1 et seq.), including any governmental entity or instrumentality which is an employer under R.S.43:21-19(h)(5), notwithstanding that the governmental entity or instrumentality has not elected to be a covered employer pursuant to paragraph (2) of this subsection (a).