Courier definition

Courier means any armed person who transports or offers to transport from one place to another
Courier means any armed person who transports or offers to transport from one place to another documents or other papers, negotiable or nonnegotiable instruments, or other small items of value that require expeditious services.
Courier means a service provider who has been registered in the Bolt Food Platform as a provider of the delivery service with respect to Goods ordered through the Bolt Food Platform.

Examples of Courier in a sentence

  • Other financial bids would be returned unopened to the respective bidders under Registered AD/ Reliable Courier or any other mode with proof of delivery.

  • Postage / Courier expenses for sending such physical Postal Ballot Form to the Scrutinizer will be borne by the Members.

  • All Dealer’s orders will be delivered to the Dealer’s shipping address via a designated Courier by Natural Essence, and be paid at COD to the Courier.

  • Set your font at 10 points, Courier style.2. Set your margins (only for the sections with this special text) at 1” on the left, and 4.55” on the right, so the available print area is 2.95” wide, flush left.3. The line number, participant pseudonym (or other speaker identification, if any), and transcribed text will need to fit across the 2.95 inches of printable line space.

  • The general impression, we may remark, is that “Omega” is identical with the author of a scurrilous letter signed “A True Friend,” rejected some months ago by both the Bombay Times and Bombay Courier.

More Definitions of Courier

Courier means a person or entity that transports usable cannabis within the state of New Mexico from a licensed non-profit producer to a qualified patient or primary caregiver, to another non-profit producer, to an approved laboratory, or to an approved manufacturer.
Courier means a cannabis courier as defined by the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, Subsection D of Section 26-2B-3 NMSA 1978, that has been approved by the department specifically to transport usable cannabis and cannabis products within the state of New Mexico, from a cannabis establishment to a qualified patient, a primary caregiver, or another cannabis establishment.
Courier means the person entitled to submit visa appli- cations for a tourist group to the embassies or consular offices of Member States in China according to the proce- dure established in Article 4 paragraph 2 of this Memor- andum of Understanding;
Courier means the armored courier service acceptable to the Bank with whom Customer contracts directly for armored courier services. Customer must separately contract with a Courier to deliver deposits to a Bank vault location or to pick up Change Orders from a Bank vault location.
Courier means any individual who has been approved to use or has used the
Courier means the person and/or corporate entity specified on the face of the invoice;
Courier that certain 1977 built 35,662 dwt product tanker named COURIER, Official No. 578746, documented under the laws and flag of the United States in the name of Courier Transport, Inc.;